Week 14: August 18-August 24

In Week 14, everybody wanted money, the debates were still the big topic of the day, and some campaigns had new merchandise. Also, Jay Inslee and Seth Moulton dropped out, but Wayne Messam still clings to his campaign.

Also, I made a correction to yesterday’s post. An eagle-eyed commenter pointed out that Tulsi Gabbard said only 4 polls had been released since the last debate, and I counted all the polls released during the qualified period and called her wrong. Gabbard was actually correct: when I recounted just from after July 30, only 4 polls had been released. I edited the post to indicate my mistake.

I write these in the morning, which is why there’s always a sharp drop-off for the last day.
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Week 13: August 11-August 17

Week 13 marks the 100th post on But Their Emails! I need to give huge kudos to Tirra, who designed my logo and managed to pull it straight out of my brain, and BroadCityChessClub who suggested the name. For the 100th post, I thought I’d give you a fun fact: the original Twitter handle I got when I signed up for this blog was @their_but. I decided to change it for… reasons.

But it did make me laugh.

In Week 13, John Hickenlooper dropped out, Kamala Harris really wants money, and Beto O’Rourke has a heart.

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Day 64: 7/23/19

Monday brought 61 emails from 21 campaigns, with several campaigns touting successes and others warning of impending failures without my help. 20 of those campaigns sent 33 emails to my non-donor account, while the other 28 were sent by just 16 campaigns to my donor accounts.

In addition, I did email all of the campaigns I am tracking (except Wayne Messam, whose email I don’t have) with a link to BTE and a suggestion that they check it out. I did not count those responses in these charts. Many responded with an auto-responder, but Beto O’Rourke did seem to have an actual person respond.

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Week One: May 21-May 25

This first week hasn’t been a full week, as I didn’t get the idea until Tuesday, but it certainly has been a full inbox! 104 emails have come in from 18 campaigns. Thursday was the busiest day of the week, with 24 emails (23%) and 68 of the emails (65%) came from campaign staff instead of the candidates themselves. 1 email came from a candidate’s family: John Delaney’s wife, April.

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Signing Up…

Every good story starts at the beginning, and this is no exception. Unusually politically motivated, I ended up on the mailing lists of at least two Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. The tone, volume, and message of the lists could not be more different. And like the list-loving nerd that I am, I started to wonder about the others…

The 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary is already crowded. As of the time of this writing, 24 nominees have thrown their hats into the ring.

And I’m on all their mailing lists…

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