Week 39: February 9-February 15, 2020

Over this past week, three candidates dropped, more people got to vote, and the amount of emails I’ve been getting took a serious nose-dive. Everyone wants money, but only Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know how much he has.

Yang and Bennet dropped out on the same day, but I couldn’t put two Xs on the same day, so I gave Yang the day before. This is purely for visual understanding
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Days 264 and 265: 2/8/20-2/9/20

Over the weekend, knives were out. Joe Biden attacked Pete Buttigieg, who defended himself and criticized Bernie Sanders’ dark money group, who attacked Buttigieg for his billionaire donors, which Elizabeth Warren joined in on getting upset about, while Tulsi Gabbard stabbed at Tom Perez, who isn’t even in the race.

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Day 263: 2/7/20

On Friday, the Democrats debated for the eighth time, attacks on various campaigns’ sources of funding were made or ignored, and Andrew Yang managed to forget to thank the Yang Gang.

However, also on Friday, Yang-themed BTE merch went up on the BTE store! Check out the site for some unofficial MATH gear! (or Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, or generic BTE gear)

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Day 259: 2/3/20

As of the time of writing, the Iowa caucus results have not been announced. This hasn’t stopped campaigns from hyping their supporters up or bracing for bad news. Mike Bloomberg is dismissive of Iowa entirely, and Elizabeth Warren has decided that this is the official start of the primary and caucus season. Pete Buttigieg’s team stuck around to clean up, and Bernie Sanders was shouting about being attacked before the caucuses even began.

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