Week 20: September 29-October 5

The quarter ended and the wave of emails crashed over my inbox. Incentives to donate such as the possibility of a call from a candidate or free stickers washed away. A chorus of dutiful “Thank yous” and a few updates on goals were distributed, but the campaigns largely fell into silence after the quarter end.

The complete crash after September amuses me.
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Day 135: 10/2/19

Campaigns are apparently large, lumbering machines that take a lot of effort to restart. After a hard quarter of fundraising, they took a breather on Tuesday, but many of them continued to rest on Wednesday as well. However, Amy Klobuchar sprung back into action with a new contest, and Steve Bullock seems content to live in his own little world. Joe Biden remembered Trump was still a thing, and so did Kamala Harris.

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Day 130: 9/27/19

Friday marked the start of the final weekend push for fundraising before the FEC deadline on Monday, and all the campaigns were feeling it. Pete Buttigieg announced, for the first time ever, that he was behind on his fundraising goal. Andrew Yang pulled out some new merch, copying a sticker Bernie Sanders had done months ago. Joe Biden was trying to milk Trump’s latest scandal for everything it was worth, and Kamala Harris was jumping into the fray herself.

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Day 128: 9/25/19

Wednesday was full of woe from the campaigns, both in regards to the beginning of impeachment hearings for Trump and in regards to their campaign finances. Joe Sestak took an unusually talkative turn on Wednesday, releasing several lengthy statements on his stance on topical issues. Pete Buttigieg remained hopeful and optimistic. After a lengthy discourse on why Julian Castro is totally not the bad guy in the last debate, his staffers seized control of his email account and sent out a much more fun email themselves. All this and more came Wednesday, as the email counts started creeping higher…

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Day 126: 9/23/19

Some days, the Democratic field is full of variety and spice, dozens of different stories from the different campaigns as they try different ways to get my attention.

Some days, it’s all the same.

Monday brought an overwhelming number of money asks. Joe Biden was leveraging Trump’s latest act of treason as a fundraiser. Tim Ryan was trying to point out that as the only candidate from Ohio, it only made sense that he made it to the Ohio debates in October. Kamala Harris had a surprising email about Cory Booker, who is himself struggling to raise enough money just to stay in the race. And Julian Castro loudly proclaimed that he was not asking for money (but he actually was).

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