Week 26: November 10-16

This past week had a mid-month fundraising deadline and a new candidate entering the race. Tulsi Gabbard made Veterans Day an issue to be better than someone else over, Pete Buttigieg stopped letting us say “no” in his surveys, and John Delaney can’t figure out why he’s floundering.

In addition, I did a side-by-side comparison of Elizabeth Warren’s Transition to Medicare for All plan and Pete Buttigieg’s Medicare for All Who Want It plan on my Twitter account. Read it here!

And here we go, another debate approaching!
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Day 171: 11/7/19

I have partnered with Boot Edge Edge Merch to launch a merch store for But Their Emails! Now you can own your very own BTE logo on a t-shirt or sticker or coffee mug!

There will be additional designs coming: I’m working with an artist to get some candidates’ likenesses on the merch. If you’re just interested in the logo, though, check out the store! There is also a permanent link in the sidebar.

Anyway, moving on to Thursday’s emails. Steve Bullock still believes he has the best chance to win, Cory Booker is worried about Michael Bloomberg, and Pete Buttigieg said thank you.

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