Day 36: 6/25/19

I feel like every time I make a declaration on this blog, I need to walk back my words. Just yesterday, I called Pete Buttigieg out for “not typical political email spam.” Today, well…

With 36 emails rolling in from 19 campaigns, this was absolutely a busy day for everyone. It was the last day of contact before the debates, and the candidates were trying not to get nervous.

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Week Four: June 9-June 15

With 171 emails from 19 campaigns, we were just 1 email shy of tying with the weekly record. If I counted the 7 emails from PAC End Citizens United (ECU), we smashed it.

Despite the volume of emails, the week was fairly uninspiring. Most candidates were focused on the upcoming debates, qualifying for the debates, and hitting their personal mid-month deadlines.

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Week Three: June 2-June 8

This is the first full week since I started tracking with no obvious or official deadlines. I ended up with a total of 151 emails from 20 campaigns, which averaged to just over 7.5 emails per campaign, or a little more than 1 per day.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you already know that no campaign has managed to hit that mythical 1 per day.

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