Days 54 and 55: 7/13/19-7/14/19

Over the past weekend, 83 emails arrived in my inbox from 18 campaigns. While these are usually pretty evenly matched, one of the campaigns seemed to have a bit of a glitch, going overboard on their non-donor messages.

All 18 campaigns sent a total of 43 non-donor emails, while the other 40 emails were sent by 17 campaigns to their donor list. The only campaign who did not email me on the donor list had not qualified to be on the donor list.

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Week 8: July 7-July 13

As weeks go in the world of political emails, Week 8 was fairly quiet. Only 300 emails in total came in, representing 24 different campaigns. 155 of those emails came from 22 non-donor lists, while the other 145 came from 21 donor lists. This week also had the only time since I began tracking emails that there were 26 active campaigns because Eric Swalwell was still active when the week began and Tom Steyer joined before the week ended.

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Day 53: 7/12/19

45 emails, 17 campaigns, and 1 new Twitter account has made Friday a very busy day! More for the Twitter than the emails, if I’m being honest. Note to anyone setting up a Twitter account for their blog: the birthday is YOUR birthday, not your blog’s birthday. A 2-month-old blog is not old enough to have a Twitter.

Anyway, 23 of those emails came in from 15 emails reaching out to me as a non-donor, while the other 22 emails came from a different 15 campaigns connecting to me as a donor.

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Days 47 and 48: 7/6/19-7/7-19

Over the weekend, I received 64 emails from 16 campaigns. Those emails were evenly split, with 32 arriving to my non-donor inbox from 15 campaigns and 32 arriving to my donor inbox from a different 15 campaigns. (Joe Sestak emailed me as a non-donor, while Kamala Harris emailed me only as a donor this weekend).

Of course, while the emails were evenly split between donor and non-donor, they definitely were not evenly split among campaigns.

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