Day 77: 8/5/19

Content warning: There will be more talk of the weekend’s events in this post.

In the wake of a national tragedy, a country looks to its leaders for guidance, for comfort, and for hope. Though the shootings in El Paso and Dayton and the bloody night in Chicago were not on their own a tragedy of the same scale as 9/11, for example, they are indicative of a greater, on-going tragedy. The country is mourning, and suffice to say, at least half of us are not expecting any comfort from our President. Sure enough, he failed to even name the correct city one of the attacks happened in.

Love her or hate her, Nancy Pelosi is not a leader of the country. She is a leader of Congress. The Democratic party is currently without a single head. President Obama did step up and make a statement on Twitter, drawing hundreds of thousands of sighs of nostalgia, but we cannot go back to an Obama presidency. Instead, we must look to our field of candidates and see how each of them are responding.

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