Week 14: August 18-August 24

In Week 14, everybody wanted money, the debates were still the big topic of the day, and some campaigns had new merchandise. Also, Jay Inslee and Seth Moulton dropped out, but Wayne Messam still clings to his campaign.

Also, I made a correction to yesterday’s post. An eagle-eyed commenter pointed out that Tulsi Gabbard said only 4 polls had been released since the last debate, and I counted all the polls released during the qualified period and called her wrong. Gabbard was actually correct: when I recounted just from after July 30, only 4 polls had been released. I edited the post to indicate my mistake.

I write these in the morning, which is why there’s always a sharp drop-off for the last day.
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Day 95: 8/23/19

Friday brought a celebration from Joe Biden of the 11th anniversary of his good friend Barack Obama picking him to be his running mate. It brought anger from Tulsi Gabbard and Michael Bennet as they realized they would not be making it to the September debate stage. And it brought contests from Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Cory Booker as they all tried to get me to be their guest to the Houston debates.

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Day 91: 8/19/19

Monday brought a new week, as it always does. It also brought some questionable merchandise from Andrew Yang, some questionable logic from Michael Bennet, and some not-so-questionable results from Pete Buttigieg.

I do need to give Amy Klobuchar an overdue shoutout. After complaining about her emails being repetitive, she did something unusual on Sunday and I promptly ignored all my notes to talk about it. First thing today after the numbers, Klobuchar, I promise!

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