Week 31: December 15-21

We had a debate this week, but the spike in the total volume chart is not nearly as extreme as it usually is. Fewer candidates are qualifying, and fewer candidates are hanging in the race. I think… I hesitate to say this in something that can be held against me… but I think the worst days of my inbox volume are behind me…

The spikes are growing shorter: fewer candidates means fewer emails.
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Day 214: 12/20/19

As a note, I have family in town for the holidays, and I do prioritize them over campaign emails. I will try my best to get a post out on time every day, but I cannot guarantee they’ll be on time this coming week. Thank you for your patience!

Post-Debate-Day is just as debateful as Debate Day, but Pete Buttigieg was the candidate whose post-debate emails resonated with me the most. I just wish he remembered that less can be more.

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