Days 152 and 153: 10/19/19-10/20/19

More corrections: Beto O’Rourke’s “defense” of Tulsi Gabbard that I mentioned yesterday was actually a response to one specific aspect of the entire situation. The question had been cut out of the clip I watched, so I incorrectly assumed he was dismissing the entire thing. His actual response was more along the lines of “this isn’t helping anyone” and not getting involved. I’ve changed yesterday’s post to reflect this.

Julian Castro sent a lot of emails, Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg both offered up their partners for money, and Joe Biden is being transparent about public information. All of this and more happened over the weekend!

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Day 150: 10/17/19

Have I really been writing this blog for 150 days? Wow!

Now that the initial debate buzz has worn off, the campaigns can start talking about other things. Kamala Harris chose to discuss FEC numbers, as did Joe Biden. Steve Bullock felt a fresh wave of energy as a new poll showed him doing well in Iowa. And Elizabeth Warren had her whole team calling donors.

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