Day 58: 7/17/19

Wednesday brought 51 emails from 17 campaigns, as well as 1 surprise email from an old friend. All 17 campaigns sent 26 emails to their non-donor lists, while Eric Swalwell added 1 email to 15 Presidential campaigns and their 25 emails.

There were also 6 emails from End Citizens United and 1 from Democrats Rise (the two PACs my emails had been passed along to without my consent), but I don’t really count those.

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Week 8: July 7-July 13

As weeks go in the world of political emails, Week 8 was fairly quiet. Only 300 emails in total came in, representing 24 different campaigns. 155 of those emails came from 22 non-donor lists, while the other 145 came from 21 donor lists. This week also had the only time since I began tracking emails that there were 26 active campaigns because Eric Swalwell was still active when the week began and Tom Steyer joined before the week ended.

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Days 47 and 48: 7/6/19-7/7-19

Over the weekend, I received 64 emails from 16 campaigns. Those emails were evenly split, with 32 arriving to my non-donor inbox from 15 campaigns and 32 arriving to my donor inbox from a different 15 campaigns. (Joe Sestak emailed me as a non-donor, while Kamala Harris emailed me only as a donor this weekend).

Of course, while the emails were evenly split between donor and non-donor, they definitely were not evenly split among campaigns.

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Week 7: June 30-July 6

With 326 emails from 22 campaigns, this week managed to be even busier than last week! While this week set a new total-email record, only 172 came from 20 non-donor lists, while the other 154 came from 21 campaigns reaching out to their donor lists. Honestly, I was not expecting to break the previous record this week, as we had both Monday with quiet emails as the campaigns recovered from their weekend push and Thursday with a holiday that quieted things down a bit as well. However, Sunday’s insane fundraising was still completely unmatched and brought in the numbers.

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Day 45: 7/4/19

Happy 4th of July, Americans!

Okay, that’s it, that was my entire inbox yesterday. You can all go home now.

If you really want the numbers (and let’s be honest, why are you here if not for numbers?), 12 campaigns sent 25 emails yesterday. 11 of those campaigns sent 12 of those emails to non-donor lists, and all 12 sent 13 emails to their donor lists.

Eric Swalwell, as always, does not believe in sending emails to people who don’t support him financially.

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Week 6: June 23-June 29

What. A. Week. Between the debates, the end-of-month deadlines, the end-of-quarter deadlines, the new candidate, and adding the donor mailing lists to my inbox, I was drowning in 324 campaign emails this past week. 288 came from the 21 campaigns on the non-donor list, and just in the past couple of days, 36 emails came in from 20 campaigns on the donor list.

Last week, we had a record 175 emails. That record has been absolutely smashed, and I’m starting to wonder if there’s any going back. Many of the candidates were talking about the debates signaling a new phase in their campaigns. It certainly seems that way!

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As promised, I took your donations and invested them right back into this blog! 21 candidates have qualified for the debates at this point, so 21 candidates received $1 each through ActBlue.

The process was harder than I expected. After websites not working (Looking at you, Julian Castro), credit cards being declined, and email aliases being delayed, I finally had success.

With ActBlue, the candidates had a chance to both give me a message after I donated and send me a message with my receipt. I’ve decided to share those messages with you.

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