Day 281: 2/25/20

That debate last night was… a total cluster. The moderators had no control over the stage, cutting off actual substantial discussions, favoring certain candidates, and letting others ramble well beyond their time. The crowd was cheering and booing with no warnings to behave, and almost nobody got a joke to land. It was not a good final showing before Super Tuesday.

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Day 280: 2/24/20

February is proving to be a busy month. The caucus on Saturday has led into town halls on Monday and Wednesday evening and a debate on Tuesday evening, with another primary this Saturday to go along with the FEC deadline.

Despite all of that, the candidates are emailing at their standard pace, which yes, means Pete Buttigieg is sending about a quarter of the entire day’s emails.

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Days 278 and 279: 2/22/20-2/23/20

The weekend held the Nevada Caucus, the first time we had a winner definitely declared the same day the voting was carried out: Bernie Sanders. Delegates are still being awarded, but at the moment, Sanders is leading the new delegate count by over 10, putting him in first place, with Pete Buttigieg in second and Joe Biden moving up to third.

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Week 40: February 16-February 22, 2020

This past week had both a debate and an election, and one of these events garnered more emails than the other. Overall, email volumes have dropped, and I suspect my worst days are behind me. Even FEC deadlines can’t be THAT bad anymore, as they’re coming too frequently now for the campaigns to keep thinking the sky is falling.

I hope.

Three candidates dropped around New Hamphshire, and the emails dropped too.
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Day 277: 2/21/20

As of the time of this writing, the Nevada caucus has not even happened. Check back tomorrow for results… if we have them. Or follow my Twitter for more timely results.

Friday was a day of asking for volunteers, but also of asking for money. It was also a day of surprisingly good emails, as both Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg wrote emails that nearly triggered me to donate.

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Day 275: 2/19/20

While the dust is settling after last night’s debate, it’s interesting to look back at what the candidates sent prior to the debate. Only Pete Buttigieg really gave an indication of how spicy the debate was going to be, with emails targeting Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg directly. Amy Klobuchar maintained her money-only email persona, while Joe Biden tried to reassure me that everything was still fine.

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Debate 9

In just a few minutes from this post going live, the ninth Democratic Presidential debates will begin on NBC. I’ll try to be live-tweeting and let you know if anyone is emailing during the debates.

For today’s charts, I decided to look at what percentages of candidate emails related to different things.

Mainly because Mike Bloomberg has only sent 68 emails to everyone else’s 1,000+.

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