Day 224: 12/30/19

Happy New Year!

Story time: I did some study/work abroad in England while in/immediately after college, and I was in London for one of the New Years. My mother FaceTimed with me and we watched the London fireworks from my hostel window.

Then she went to bed. She had celebrated the New Year, why wait up until midnight?

It was so glorious that it has become our family tradition. Every December 31, at 7:00 PM EST, we send each other Happy New Years texts and pop open the bubbly grape juice. After a cup and maybe some chips or cheese, we tuck into bed at reasonable hours. So, when this post goes live, as far as my family is concerned, it’s basically 2020.

(I anticipate being up for another 5 hours trying to catch up on emails).

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Days 194 and 195: 11/30/19-12/01/19

As of the time of this writing, 2 of the Democratic candidates have dropped out of the primary: Joe Sestak and Steve Bullock. I will handle Sestak today, but as Bullock technically dropped on Monday, his farewell will be on Tuesday.

Over the weekend there was a plethora of donation asks, many of which I share with you below. Many emails were bemoaning the lack of funds, and only 11 actually boasted of success for the first day of December.

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Day 191: 11/27/19

Happy Thanksgiving all my American readers! I hope you’re having a good day, and if not, I hope this escape into the world of political emails somehow manages to make your day better. (Did you tell all your family to follow But Their Emails!? You should!)

The day before Thanksgiving, last-minute donation asks were coming in. Michael Bennet, Marianne Williamson, and Pete Buttigieg all asked me for something other than money. Joe Biden begged me to be kind. Bernie Sanders couldn’t decide if he was happy or not. And Cory Booker was looking out for me.

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Week 27: November 17-23

Yes, Michael Bloomberg announced his candidacy on Sunday, and yes, he’s starting to show up on my charts today, but I won’t actually officially count him until tomorrow’s post.

Rest assured, I am very unhappy with these rich old guys thinking they can come in here and mess up my charts.

ANYWAY, this past week brought a lot of emails with the fifth Democratic debate in Atlanta, Georgia, and the end of the month fast approaching. Though there was a spike, it wasn’t as high as it had been in the past. Regardless, Julian Castro was determined to single-handedly change the conversation.

I can’t decide if I prefer debates and ends of months overlapping or not.
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Week 26: November 10-16

This past week had a mid-month fundraising deadline and a new candidate entering the race. Tulsi Gabbard made Veterans Day an issue to be better than someone else over, Pete Buttigieg stopped letting us say “no” in his surveys, and John Delaney can’t figure out why he’s floundering.

In addition, I did a side-by-side comparison of Elizabeth Warren’s Transition to Medicare for All plan and Pete Buttigieg’s Medicare for All Who Want It plan on my Twitter account. Read it here!

And here we go, another debate approaching!
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