Day 224: 12/30/19

Happy New Year!

Story time: I did some study/work abroad in England while in/immediately after college, and I was in London for one of the New Years. My mother FaceTimed with me and we watched the London fireworks from my hostel window.

Then she went to bed. She had celebrated the New Year, why wait up until midnight?

It was so glorious that it has become our family tradition. Every December 31, at 7:00 PM EST, we send each other Happy New Years texts and pop open the bubbly grape juice. After a cup and maybe some chips or cheese, we tuck into bed at reasonable hours. So, when this post goes live, as far as my family is concerned, it’s basically 2020.

(I anticipate being up for another 5 hours trying to catch up on emails).

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Week 31: December 15-21

We had a debate this week, but the spike in the total volume chart is not nearly as extreme as it usually is. Fewer candidates are qualifying, and fewer candidates are hanging in the race. I think… I hesitate to say this in something that can be held against me… but I think the worst days of my inbox volume are behind me…

The spikes are growing shorter: fewer candidates means fewer emails.
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