Week 17: September 8-14

9/11 fell the day before debate night, and the campaigns were scrambling to make up for it. Instead of the usual day-before email blasts, they had to pile them all onto that Thursday, and then the weekend had a looming MID-MONTH DEADLINE just before the FEC END OF QUARTER DEADLINE!

To say it was a busy week is just a little bit of an understatement.

Here we go: End of FEC quarter flood incoming!
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Day 108: 9/5/19

Where to even begin with Thursday’s emails? Julian Castro repeated his gun-violence email from earlier this week, still without a trigger warning (though slightly improved since the last time). Kamala Harris is still struggling with her funding. Bill de Blasio has a plan to fight automation. Bernie Sanders has never changed, while Pete Buttigieg says change is necessary.

And despite this packed day, nobody managed to upset me as much as Michael Bennet early in the morning.

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Week 13: August 11-August 17

Week 13 marks the 100th post on But Their Emails! I need to give huge kudos to Tirra, who designed my logo and managed to pull it straight out of my brain, and BroadCityChessClub who suggested the name. For the 100th post, I thought I’d give you a fun fact: the original Twitter handle I got when I signed up for this blog was @their_but. I decided to change it for… reasons.

But it did make me laugh.

In Week 13, John Hickenlooper dropped out, Kamala Harris really wants money, and Beto O’Rourke has a heart.

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