Day 164: 10/31/19

Happy November, everyone! There have been some backend changes here at But Their Emails!

First of all: the URL has changed! We are now officially! The old will still work, but the new URL should be easier to remember and type.

We are also ad-free! Thanks to the generosity of donors (thank you, Teri!), BTE has proved self-sustaining enough to warrant an upgrade. No more icky right-wing ads will ruin your reading pleasure!

Ad-free costs money, though, so I also upgraded my Ko-Fi account. Now you can make a monthly reoccurring donation for set-it-and-forget-it ease! You can still buy me single Ko-Fis as well, though now it’s my favorite hot drink: cinnamon tea!

The current Ko-Fi goal is for seed money to set up some merchandise. I’m looking into partnering with for a BTE line that I hope to get up and running soon. Those of you following me on Twitter have gotten some sneak peeks at some of the designs I’m working with an artist to bring to life. I’ll let you know when this goes live! (And for those of you who follow me but don’t support Buttigieg, don’t worry, my merch doesn’t support the Buttigieg campaign. The owner of BEEM is a friend of mine and that’s why I’m partnering with him–he knows what he’s doing already!)

With BTE updates out of the way, let’s look at Thursday! Halloween was a spooky day for my inbox, with over 100 emails and everyone trying to close out their fundraising goals. Elizabeth Warren was kind enough to bribe with a picture of herself in a Halloween costume, while other candidates changed their display name or provided cute pets or children in costumes as attempted bribes.

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