Days 285 and 286: 2/29/20-3/1/20

We lost 2 candidates over the weekend, though Tom Steyer was considerate enough to end on a Saturday so he doesn’t get looped into another weekly recap. The focus of the emails was definitely on fundraising, with a sprinkling of South Carolina and Super Tuesday on top. Pete Buttigieg had the most varied asks for money, while Bernie Sanders was the only candidate who asked for my vote directly.

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Day 281: 2/25/20

That debate last night was… a total cluster. The moderators had no control over the stage, cutting off actual substantial discussions, favoring certain candidates, and letting others ramble well beyond their time. The crowd was cheering and booing with no warnings to behave, and almost nobody got a joke to land. It was not a good final showing before Super Tuesday.

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Day 280: 2/24/20

February is proving to be a busy month. The caucus on Saturday has led into town halls on Monday and Wednesday evening and a debate on Tuesday evening, with another primary this Saturday to go along with the FEC deadline.

Despite all of that, the candidates are emailing at their standard pace, which yes, means Pete Buttigieg is sending about a quarter of the entire day’s emails.

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