As promised, I took your donations and invested them right back into this blog! 21 candidates have qualified for the debates at this point, so 21 candidates received $1 each through ActBlue.

The process was harder than I expected. After websites not working (Looking at you, Julian Castro), credit cards being declined, and email aliases being delayed, I finally had success.

With ActBlue, the candidates had a chance to both give me a message after I donated and send me a message with my receipt. I’ve decided to share those messages with you.

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Signing Up…

Every good story starts at the beginning, and this is no exception. Unusually politically motivated, I ended up on the mailing lists of at least two Democratic presidential candidates for 2020. The tone, volume, and message of the lists could not be more different. And like the list-loving nerd that I am, I started to wonder about the others…

The 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary is already crowded. As of the time of this writing, 24 nominees have thrown their hats into the ring.

And I’m on all their mailing lists…

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