Week 40: February 16-February 22, 2020

This past week had both a debate and an election, and one of these events garnered more emails than the other. Overall, email volumes have dropped, and I suspect my worst days are behind me. Even FEC deadlines can’t be THAT bad anymore, as they’re coming too frequently now for the campaigns to keep thinking the sky is falling.

I hope.

Three candidates dropped around New Hamphshire, and the emails dropped too.
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Week 39: February 9-February 15, 2020

Over this past week, three candidates dropped, more people got to vote, and the amount of emails I’ve been getting took a serious nose-dive. Everyone wants money, but only Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know how much he has.

Yang and Bennet dropped out on the same day, but I couldn’t put two Xs on the same day, so I gave Yang the day before. This is purely for visual understanding
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Week 35: January 12-January 18, 2020

I was expecting a massive surge with the debate this week, but it didn’t really manifest. I was not expecting Cory Booker to drop out just before the debate. Nor was I expecting Pete Buttigieg to finally name-drop another candidate.

I think the days of big peaks may be behind us. We’ll see what February 2/3 looks like
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Week 34: January 5-January 11, 2020

We lost another candidate this week, with Marianne Williamson deciding that she had elevated the conversation as much as she could, and now it was time to step back and not take oxygen from the remaining progressive campaigns. The debate threshold closed with six candidates on the stage, and Elizabeth Warren is making phone calls again.

I suspect we’re building toward a massive peak.
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Week 33: December 29, 2019-January 4, 2020

New week, new year! 2020 brought a sharp drop in the number of emails after nearly a new high, but it also brought the loss of Julian Castro and Marianne Williamson’s campaign staff. Bernie Sanders brought the first negative email hit of the year, and possibly of the entire race, and Pete Buttigieg is almost 38.

I’ve added Xs where candidates dropped out. The square is where I started donating.
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Week 31: December 15-21

We had a debate this week, but the spike in the total volume chart is not nearly as extreme as it usually is. Fewer candidates are qualifying, and fewer candidates are hanging in the race. I think… I hesitate to say this in something that can be held against me… but I think the worst days of my inbox volume are behind me…

The spikes are growing shorter: fewer candidates means fewer emails.
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