Week 43: March 8-March 14, 2020

With how few emails I’m getting, these weekly recaps are going to be much shorter. There’s no point highlighting an email I’ve already highlighted, so I’ll just be focusing more on the overall trends. With that being said, I’m working on new merch! Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders will all get designs.

Talk about a plunge
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Week 42: March 1-March 7, 2020

We lost 4 candidates this week, and my inbox is finally showing it. After Pete Buttigieg dropped on Sunday, the emails started to collapse. Amy Klobuchar took another chunk out of my email with her suspension, and then Mike Bloomberg, who never emailed much, pulled out completely. Finally, Elizabeth Warren wrapped up her campaign, and my inbox has been under 20 emails a day without them.

I feel like it’s the end of an era, but it wasn’t even a full year.
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Week 40: February 16-February 22, 2020

This past week had both a debate and an election, and one of these events garnered more emails than the other. Overall, email volumes have dropped, and I suspect my worst days are behind me. Even FEC deadlines can’t be THAT bad anymore, as they’re coming too frequently now for the campaigns to keep thinking the sky is falling.

I hope.

Three candidates dropped around New Hamphshire, and the emails dropped too.
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Week 39: February 9-February 15, 2020

Over this past week, three candidates dropped, more people got to vote, and the amount of emails I’ve been getting took a serious nose-dive. Everyone wants money, but only Joe Biden doesn’t seem to know how much he has.

Yang and Bennet dropped out on the same day, but I couldn’t put two Xs on the same day, so I gave Yang the day before. This is purely for visual understanding
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Week 35: January 12-January 18, 2020

I was expecting a massive surge with the debate this week, but it didn’t really manifest. I was not expecting Cory Booker to drop out just before the debate. Nor was I expecting Pete Buttigieg to finally name-drop another candidate.

I think the days of big peaks may be behind us. We’ll see what February 2/3 looks like
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