Days 194 and 195: 11/30/19-12/01/19

As of the time of this writing, 2 of the Democratic candidates have dropped out of the primary: Joe Sestak and Steve Bullock. I will handle Sestak today, but as Bullock technically dropped on Monday, his farewell will be on Tuesday.

Over the weekend there was a plethora of donation asks, many of which I share with you below. Many emails were bemoaning the lack of funds, and only 11 actually boasted of success for the first day of December.

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Days 152 and 153: 10/19/19-10/20/19

More corrections: Beto O’Rourke’s “defense” of Tulsi Gabbard that I mentioned yesterday was actually a response to one specific aspect of the entire situation. The question had been cut out of the clip I watched, so I incorrectly assumed he was dismissing the entire thing. His actual response was more along the lines of “this isn’t helping anyone” and not getting involved. I’ve changed yesterday’s post to reflect this.

Julian Castro sent a lot of emails, Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg both offered up their partners for money, and Joe Biden is being transparent about public information. All of this and more happened over the weekend!

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Days 145 and 146: 10/12/19-10/13/19

A correction for yesterday’s post: Amy Klobuchar did release her Q3 numbers: $4,800,000. This puts her between Beto O’Rourke and Cory Booker.

The FEC reports come out tomorrow…

As far as the weekend goes, there was a lot of fundraising going on for Q4 and the month of October. Kamala Harris clapped back at Trump Jr. for an insulting tweet, and Tom Steyer wanted me to get to know him.

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