Day 476: 9/7/20

Labor Day is a holiday. Holidays are usually quiet on the email front. Nobody told Donald Trump this.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

Typical numbers for both campaigns.

Donald Trump sent 10 emails on Monday, while Joe Biden sent 4.

More variety

Despite the typical email numbers, Biden spent half of his messaging talking about Labor Day, while Trump only sent one email about the holiday.

Inform is my favorite email: no ask.

Of Biden’s two Labor Day emails, the one signed by Biden himself talked about what it meant to support labor and what a good-for-labor President would do (running through his policies). Though there was a donation button in this email, it was after his signature and therefore not counted by my rules.

The second Labor Day email was signed by Kamala Harris, and it also talked about the importance of labor, how America had been knocked down, and how we would build back better with Biden. This email included a petition to stand with Biden and Harris in November.

Trump also sent an email focused solely on Labor Day, starting with a quote from himself from 1989.

“I find I get along better with the construction workers and the cab drivers...The people who count in the world.”
-Donald J. Trump, 1989

Well, Amy, that statement was true in 1989 and it’s still true today.

This Labor Day, it’s important to remember just how much we’ve accomplished for the American Worker under my administration’s critical America First agenda:
We built the greatest economy the world had ever seen, and we’re going to do it again.
In August, we created 1.37 MILLION jobs - the 4th largest jobs gain in our Nation’s HISTORY and 2.5x better than any month in the failed Obama-Biden Administration
Unemployment DROPPED AGAIN
The Dow Jones hit 29,000 - HISTORIC. It would CRASH under Joe Biden.
The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) has provided more than $525 BILLION in forgivable loans to over 5.2 MILLION American businesses.
And finally, America has been put FIRST again.
In that article the quote came from, Trump said he didn’t even like boats all that much.

Note that even when he is boasting about his own achievements, Trump has to tear down someone else. Even this email is not immune from disparaging Biden (and Obama).

It also offered me a 700% match for my donation.

On this Labor Day, Trump is horrible and Biden is nice

The emotional tone for Trump’s emails did not perk up because it was a holiday, though the Biden campaign did go back to being grateful for all the work that had been done for them already and hopeful of a better future and a win in November.

Trump just wanted to give me 30% off his store as a Labor Day sale, but ONLY for his top supporters. ONLY his top supporters deserved an American Worker hat at $10 off. Not all the American Workers. Just the ones who paid him.

But hey. He did take the time to let me know how much the Left hates me and will come after me in the streets.

No nuance here.
The Radical Left Hates You
From an actual Trump email

That last quote, from Pelosi, is an interesting one. Trump told me that means she is calling ME a domestic enemy.

I am not at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue nor in Congress.

She’s definitely not talking about me.

P.S. this was also my LAST CHANCE to get a Platinum Trump card.

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