Days 432 and 433: 7/25/20-7/26/20

EDIT: This post was written when Trump’s emails were hiding in Spam. Here is the correct breakdown of this weekend’s emails.

I guess we’re back to a one-man race.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

No Republican emails at all.

Joe Biden sent a total of 9 emails over the weekend celebrating 100 days until the election.

Raise your hand if you’re shocked.

Most of those emails asked for money, though one email was inviting me to attend his 100-days-out celebration.

This is still more variety that I’m used to from Biden.

Most of Biden’s emails were purely seeking to raise money for money’s sake, but he did talk about a campaign event, provide an email with some campaign strategy, and send an email from his “I Know Joe” series in which Captain Kevin Penn, a former U.S. Marine, talked about his experience with Biden.

Character is about what you do when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Captain Kevin Penn, Ret.

The “I Know Joe” series has been a little kitschy, but I like it. It’s intimate moments people are sharing of their experiences with Biden as a person. In this email, for example, Penn was talking about how Biden refused to leave rooms until everyone who wanted a minute with him had a chance to have a minute with him. Previous emails have talked about Biden paying respects to the donor who gave him $18 every time he ran for office, or the boy who shared a stutter with the Vice President. They’re warm and humanizing, and they’re good emails.

Unfortunately, they’re also rare emails. I wish the campaign did more to focus on how Biden is a good person, and what we need most in the White House right now is a good person.

At least I’m not being bombarded with Trump emails. While Biden was celebrating just 100 days left before election day, Trump’s emails were non-existent. Maybe he was too busy playing golf to think to ask if I made it to his top donors yet.

Biden’s emails have hit retirement age. Trump’s aren’t old enough to run for President.

2 thoughts on “Days 432 and 433: 7/25/20-7/26/20

  1. Dear Aimin, I get multiple emails from the Trump campaign every day, probably because I’m on a few conservative newsletter mailing lists. All of them assume I’m a supporter and donor, and they’re pretty funny. I’ll forward them to you if you like. Barbara Beckley

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