Day 409: 7/2/20

I guess the first of the month is now the “catch people who feel bad about not donating before the deadline.” The second of the month is now the “thanks, we’ll give you a temporary break from fundraising” for Joe Biden.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

Very unusual numbers

Joe Biden sent 3 emails to my non-donor account and 2 emails to my donor account on Thursday, though that was because I had already signed up for the third email on my donor account.

Only one donation email!

Biden started off the day by scolding Trump for not listening to him all the way back in October of 2019 on how to not completely kneecap the U.S. for the next pandemic. He had a new petition: sign it to tell Trump to listen to Biden and do what he says.

Trump will never listen to Biden, no matter how many people tell him to. Unless Putin tells him to do what Biden says, Trump will not. Even though he has no idea what to do himself, he cannot admit that someone else has a better idea.

No purely fundraising emails?

The campaign followed up by celebrating that next month, in August, we will be formally nominating Biden and his running mate, but until then, they couldn’t afford a July slump, so please could I donate now?

Finally, they finished the day by reminding my non-donor account that I could sign up to be the first to know who he picks as his running mate. Definitely a woman, he assured me, and his VP and cabinet were going to reflect the diversity of America.

I’m all for a woman of color VP. As much as I would have loved a Pete Buttigieg VP, he never would have accepted the role to create yet another all-white-male ticket. My main concern, though, is age. Give me a VP who will be below retirement age for the entirety of her term.


For the love of America, give me some youth in the White House.

We’re just a few hundred emails away from Biden sending double the emails of any other candidate.

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