Day 304: 3/19/20

We had one more candidate drop out, which meant Thursday had three candidates emailing for the very last time.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of 1 candidate for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, but I’ve been on 28 mailing lists! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

I signed up to all mailing lists either on May 21 or the day the candidate announced, whichever was later. Using a different email address, I have donated at least $1 to all candidates who have been on a debate stage (I have given additional donations to my preferred candidates through my personal email, but the campaigns have linked the two accounts together and may ask for more as a result).

When showing breakdowns by campaigns, there will usually be 2 numbers. Emails to my non-donor account will be indicated by a darker color/top bar in horizontal bar charts. Emails to my donor account will be indicated by a lighter color/bottom bar.

Unless otherwise specified, all other charts combine the donor and non-donor numbers, as they are roughly 1-for-1, so the percentages and relative differences don’t change much. You can divide the numbers in half to get the rough estimate for what someone not signed up twice would be receiving. The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

If you want specific data on any particular day, feel free to drop a comment!

This is the last time there will be a non-blue color in this chart.

Joe Biden sent only 3 emails on Thursday, while both Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders each sent only 1.

Donate was the smallest category!?

One of Joe Biden’s emails had survey results. For my non-donor account, he asked me to take the survey, but on the donor account, he thanked me for taking the survey and asked me if I could donate.

Lots of Corona

Biden also pointed out that he was the only candidate on the debate stage who had committed to a female VP. There were only two candidates on the debate stage, but it was fairly noticeable to this woman how Bernie Sanders kept interrupting the female moderator trying to ask him the same question before finally confirming that, you know, he was probably moving in that direction. Biden asked me if I would commit to Biden the way he had committed to a female VP.

Both Sanders and Biden also linked me to their plans for dealing with the coronavirus. While Sanders laid everything out for the first time and asked me to sign my name if I supported it, Biden reminded me that his plan had been up on his website for nearly a week now, and could I sign my name if I agreed with it?

Finally, Tulsi Gabbard emailed me to let me know she was dropping out… and endorsing Joe Biden. It was a surprise twist ending to her campaign that absolutely nobody expected: in the process of dropping out, Gabbard actually praised Biden and complimented him, saying she knew he was a good man and would lead the country with the spirit of aloha–respect and compassion–and heal the divisiveness that had been tearing our country apart.

Those were her words, for the most part. I could barely recognize the same woman who had spit such venom at the Democratic Party as being the shadow minions of corrupt warmonger Hillary Clinton being so kind and respectful toward the presumptive nominee.

I guess even Gabbard can change.

And then there was blue.

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