Day 289: 3/4/20

In the wake of Super Tuesday, we lost another candidate in Mike Bloomberg, and Joe Biden gained another endorsement. He isn’t taking these endorsements in vain and is instead building a massive coalition to defeat Donald Trump.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

Yes, these numbers are correct.

Joe Biden sent out his usual 5 emails, claiming the lead once again, though to be fair, one of those emails was written by Pete Buttigieg, sneaking his way onto the top of the pile. Bernie Sanders came in second with 4 emails, while Mike Bloomberg was third with only 2.

Elizabeth Warren did not email me at all. I checked with some supporters, and while a few received an email about local events, they confirmed that her campaign was pretty quiet as Warren considers her next move.

Dropping out is None

Mike Bloomberg was the only candidate sending non-campaign or fundraising emails. His first email talked about the events of Tuesday, though he wasn’t actually talking about Super Tuesday results.

For everyone who voted for Mike — a sincere thank you. We may not know the exact delegate allocation for some time. But we are grateful to each and every one of you who got us to this point. We launched our campaign exactly 100 days before Super Tuesday. In that incredibly short time, we built a nationwide coalition focused on making a better future for America.

Super Tuesday dominated the news last night. But as the results came in, I was thinking about what else happened yesterday. Tennessee declared a state of emergency after tornadoes took multiple lives and destroyed homes and businesses. The stock market swung wildly, and closed more than 780 points down — even after emergency rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. New cases of coronavirus were confirmed in New York and North Carolina.

At times like these, our country needs a proven leader. That is why we’re in this fight. Mike has shown that he has what it takes to bring people together and make progress — on climate change, on gun safety, on job creation, on expanding health care, on crisis management and so much more.

Thousands of you have joined us on this journey — as we’ve gone we’ve gone from just 1% in the polls to being a contender for the Democratic nomination. That’s why I wanted to share this video with you, featuring the voices of our supporters. Watch the video to see why we’re here and what matters most in this election:

Thank you for getting us this far. Our number one priority remains defeating Donald Trump in November.

Kevin Sheekey, Campaign Manager, Bloomberg 2020

In his next email, Bloomberg thanked his supporters again and announced he was dropping out and endorsing Joe Biden. This was, perhaps, his best speech ever as a presidential candidate.

We made our campaign slogan a clear, simple promise: Mike will get it done. And I intend to keep working on the “it.” I will continue to work for sensible, common sense policy solutions that can get done. That includes passing gun safety laws that save lives. Fighting climate change. Improving health care. Making college more accessible and affordable. Creating economic opportunity for all. And helping mayors and local leaders across the country who are doing so much important work on all of these issues.

The past few months have been some of the most inspiring of my life, and I want to thank the tens of thousands of Americans, from Maine to California, whom I was privileged to meet — and who every day, with their voices and their ideas, made this campaign such a powerful experience. And I am intent on making it a lasting experience: I want my supporters to stay engaged, stay active and stay committed to our issues. I will be right there with you. And together, we will get it done.

Mike Bloomberg
Info and Watch were both Bloomberg

Joe Biden was the only other candidate who asked me for something other than money (though he did ask me for quite a bit of money). He offered up a sticker to show how Democrats are uniting around him.

I'm a Democrat -- and proud of it sticker!
Free with any donation

I think he should make a series of designs: Team Pete for Team Joe. Amy’s Army for Team Joe. Team Beto for Team Joe. The thing about Biden’s Super Tuesday haul is that it wasn’t because of Biden, per se, and Biden knew it.

From our online community right here, to over 150 endorsements across the country in the last few days, I want to thank everyone who joined this campaign.

If you joined because someone you trusted, like your own neighborhood representative, gave me their stamp of approval — thank you. Welcome.

And I’ve said it all this week, but it bears saying again. This is your campaign — YOURS. We want you here. We need you here. You have a place here. You, as my friend Senator Klobuchar often says, have a home here...

…Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rourke all made one of the most difficult decisions one can make, suspending their campaigns that were incredibly powerful and historic. And they’re already working hard to power our movement. Ours.

And their donors and volunteers stepped up Monday and yesterday in a way I will never, ever, ever forget.

It’s powerful. Coming together like this is powerful…

…Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let’s do this.

Joe Biden

When I got into the race for the Democratic nomination, the goal was not simply to win the presidency. It was to help unify Americans to defeat Donald Trump and usher in the era that must come next.

That is why I’m proud to stand with Joe Biden to help make him the next president of the United States.

And it’s why I’m urging everyone who came to my campaign in order to change our politics and defeat this president to support him too.

Pete Buttigieg for Joe Biden

From our record-breaking fundraising week with hundreds of thousands of donations, (nearly half of which were first-time donors to our campaign!) to our endorsements from Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke, to our wins last night, it’s clear the tide is turning.

So we just want to tell you, whether you’ve been with us since we launched this campaign, or if you were motivated to join this week — thank you. Thank you for being here.

We need you. We want you. There’s a place for you in our campaign.

Biden for President

And, if we keep uniting the Democratic Party, welcoming new donors, and volunteers, and expanding this campaign, we know we can do it.

Biden knows most of his Super Tuesday energy and momentum came from the campaigns that suspended themselves and got behind him, and he is grateful and acknowledges it. He’s looking at Bernie Sanders and positioning himself as an actual unity candidate, trying not to step on the toes of the hurting supporters finding shelter supporting him.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is resorting to his old standby lines.

It’s us versus the establishment. We have the people. And if we stand together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. So let’s win the nomination, defeat Donald Trump, and transform our country.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

It’s always Us vs Them with the Sanders campaign, and it’s always frustrating. Remember when the Trump supporter wailed “He’s not hurting the right people!?” during a government shut down? That’s what happens when there’s an us who is good and a them who “deserves” to be hurt.

No one deserves to be hurt. Hurting someone because you are hurt, because they hurt you, does nothing but continue to cycle of hurt.

Second of all, we need to build a movement that sends a powerful message that we will not tolerate the grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality we are experiencing in this country. We will not give tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while half a million Americans sleep out on the streets.

Bernie Sanders

No, there shouldn’t be grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality, and we need to fix that. But Sanders himself believes that rich people shouldn’t be punished for being rich: there’s nothing wrong with a man who wrote a best selling book having a mansion-sized “cabin” by the lake in addition to his two regular homes while half a million Americans sleep out on the streets.

You don’t win by hitting people until they let go. You win by convincing them that letting go will help them as well as you.

Now let me set the stage for you: we’re going to leave Super Tuesday either with a delegate lead or very close to one. And we have identified some areas where we can pick up a few more on March 17.

Right now, the money isn’t in the budget, but I want to give it the green light, because I am betting you’ll help fill the gap. I hope that you can for Bernie — and for our movement:

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

I am surprised that despite raising $46 million in 29 days, Sanders is in need of money. Just where all these funds going?

Oh well. Guess that wasn’t enough money from his supporters, and he needs more, because the current delegate gap of over 60 delegates will be closed by the time Super Tuesday counts come to an end.

Joe Biden has 60 billionaires and a super PAC. But Bernie’s got us. We’ve got each other. And we’ve got to do EVERYTHING we can to help Bernie win.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

60 billionaires is a maximum of $168,000. A super PAC cannot give money to a campaign. Sanders has 9 dark money groups, which not only can raise money like super PACs, they don’t have to disclose their donors (and mostly aren’t).

Sanders is preying on low-information voters, hoping they’ll be gullible enough to buy his lies and angry enough to cause a stink. It worked last time: how many rules did the DNC change because Sanders’ people were protesting?

And how is Tulsi Gabbard doing? Yes, she’s still running, and she’s pretty darn proud of her accomplishments.

Last night, we made history. Tulsi — the first female combat veteran, Hindu, and American Samoan to ever run for the presidency — secured a Super Tuesday delegate, putting her on the board with Senators, a former VP, and second-time presidential candidates … BEATING out billionaires who spent HUNDREDS of MILLIONS and failed to secure even a single delegate.

Caitlin, for TULSI2020

A billionaire, Gabbard. You beat out a billionaire who spent hundreds of millions and didn’t secure a single delegate. Mike Bloomberg is currently sitting at 51 more delegates than you, and when it comes to the popular vote…

Not included: CA, CO, ME, MA, UT (not 100% reported)

Well, Tom Steyer is sitting at twice your popular vote. But well done on coming in second in your home territory. That is better than what Elizabeth Warren managed.

Mike Bloomberg didn’t even make it to 100 emails.

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