Day 283: 2/27/20

Once again, Pete Buttigieg won Iowa after yet another recount. The state may certify their results on Saturday. Or maybe they’ll do another recount. I don’t know. At this point, Bernie Sanders still has 45 delegates, Pete Buttigieg still has 26, and Joe Biden’s 15 top out the top three candidates.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

There is a TIE.

For the first time in a very long time, Joe Biden gets to top my recap of the day’s emails, because his name comes before Pete Buttigieg’s alphabetically. Both campaigns sent 7 emails on Thursday.

Bernie Sanders tried to do an email push, but his 5 emails paled in comparison to the two frontrunners, while Amy Klobuchar only got out 4 emails in the 24 hours.

The debate has faded away

Saturday is an FEC deadline and an election in South Carolina. The following Tuesday is Super Tuesday, with over a third of all delegates up for grabs. The (non-billionaire) candidates are desperate for cash.

Bernie Sanders is, once again, playing on us vs. them rhetoric.

Once again, I am asking for your financial support.


That is the contribution I am asking you to make before our FEC fundraising deadline ends. I’ll explain more shortly, but if you can make that $2.70 donation right now, please use this link:

The truth is, we are doing well. We won a great victory in Nevada following great victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But the political establishment knows we are doing well.

The corporate media knows that we are doing well.

The super PACs out there know that we are doing well.

And together, they are pouring huge amounts of money into negative ads and trying all kinds of other efforts to derail our campaign.

It ain’t going to happen.

And the reason it won’t happen is precisely because of your help.

We are coming into Super Tuesday, and the weeks that follow include some of the biggest and most expensive states in this race.

And that is why I am asking for your help before this deadline.

One $2.70 contribution before this deadline. That will give us victory:

Can I count on you to make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign before our final FEC fundraising deadline before Super Tuesday comes to a close? I would not ask if this were not so important.

Let’s make sure we have some good numbers out there after this deadline ends. Any help you can give us would be much appreciated.

Bernie Sanders

The previous email had the subject “It ain’t going to happen.” This next email had the subject “top threats to our campaign.”

Here’s who we are up against on this campaign:

The political establishment.

The corporate media.

The billionaire class.

The super PACs spending big for our opponents.

The whole damn one percent of this country.

They don’t want our movement to succeed. And they will do everything they can to stop us in these final few days before South Carolina and Super Tuesday.

That is why we’ve set a BIG goal of 500,000 contributions by Saturday’s FEC fundraising deadline. If you can add a donation today, we’ll get there.

Contribute $2.70 to stand with Bernie before Saturday’s critical FEC deadline. Every donation brings us one step closer to winning the nomination.

Your contribution today will ensure we keep winning states across the country, starting with South Carolina and Super Tuesday. Thanks for chipping in today.

Team Bernie

Again, remember, Bernie Sanders is part of the one percent.

That aside, these emails just reek of paranoia. We already have a leader who believes the world is out to get him. Why should we replace him with another?

Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg managed to send the exact same message with wildly different tones back to back.

Subject: Bad news

Aimin — we have some bad news. We fell short of our daily goal yesterday, which means we’re pacing behind to meet our goal by the FEC deadline on Saturday.

This is already our best fundraising month yet, but we need to report the biggest numbers possible to show the pundits and skeptics just how strong our campaign is.

It’s powerfully important that we hit our last fundraising goal before Super Tuesday. These milestones are how we set budgets for advertising, organizing, outreach, and more.

We’re pacing behind where we needed to be and we’re counting on grassroots donors chipping in again to power this movement. Can you make a contribution of $10 or whatever you can to help our campaign get back on track to hitting this important fundraising goal before the FEC deadline?

If every single person in Michigan reading this email chips in now, we’ll reach today’s goal and more than make up for what we missed yesterday. But we know not everyone will, and that’s why we really need your help if we’re going to hit our goal — and have the resources we need to power our extensive organizing and advertising plans through South Carolina and Super Tuesday.

This goal is powerfully important, and right now you have the power to get our campaign back on track.

Aimin, will you make another contribution to help hit our fundraising goal before the FEC deadline?

Thanks for everything you do,

Team Warren

Subject: An update on our fundraising with five days until Super Tuesday

Over the last few days, we’ve had several of the biggest fundraising moments of this campaign — thanks to you, Aimin.

It’s clear: Americans believe Pete is the leader we need to unify our party and our country.

We’re in a sprint to raise $13 million before March 3rd — when the Super Tuesday states vote. That’s just five days away, and we’re just about 45% way there. We need to pick up the pace a bit — can you chip in $25 right now?

As a reminder: We won the Iowa Caucuses and we’re the only candidate besides Bernie Sanders who has won delegates in every contest so far.

Pete has a definitive path to the nomination, but we must raise $13 million before Super Tuesday in just five days. Can you help right now?

Thank you,

Team Pete HQ

Both emails:

  • Fundraising recently has been some of the best
  • We have a fundraising deadline
  • We’re not where we want to be with fundraising
  • Money please?

But while Warren focuses on how they’re falling behind and they need everyone in Michigan to donate and they know not everyone will, Buttigieg focuses on their previous victory and path forward. They both stress the urgency of their fundraising goals, but one is more pessimistic and one is more optimistic. This is just more proof that how you write a political email can really matter.

More attends!

Of course, money was still the main ask, but both Pete Buttigieg and Tom Steyer invited me to some virtual meetings this weekend. Mike Bloomberg invited me to volunteer for him, while Amy Klobuchar asked me to make calls for her. Elizabeth Warren asked me to canvass or phone bank this weekend, and Joe Biden wanted me to commit to voting for him.

Both Pete Buttigieg and Joe Biden raised the issue of down ballot “carnage” if Bernie Sanders becomes the Democratic nominee.

We know everyone’s top priority is defeating Donald Trump, but if we’re going to get a progressive agenda passed, we need to win up and down the ballot.

The things we hope to achieve if we do win the White House will not be possible if we lose the House or if we lose ground in the Senate.

We need a nominee with coattails. That’s why we must nominate Pete. Bernie’s too great a risk. His divisive approach and polarizing style of politics will not work up and down the ballot. We need unity.

If you believe the best way to defeat Trump and deliver for the American people is to broaden and galvanize the majority that supports us on critical issues, please consider donating $5 right now to help us raise the $13 million we need before Tuesday.

If Bernie is our party’s nominee, down-ballot Democrats running in hyper-competitive swing and conserative states will be forced to do so while answering questions about eliminating all private insurance and raising taxes on everyone earning over $29,000 a year.

If we want to keep the House in Democratic hands, we need to think about the people who turned the House blue — 41 Democrats who are not running on Bernie’s platform. In fact, they are running away from his platform — quickly.

It’s up to us. Chip in $5 to help our campaign reach our $13 million goal by Super Tuesday to stay competitive in this race of a lifetime. So much depends on it.

Hari Sevugan, Deputy Campaign Manager, Pete for America

I can always tell a Hari email by the tone. The typo was rare.

One of the core reasons that I’m throwing my support to Joe, and co-chairing his campaign, is because of his long track record in the African-American community, fighting for civil rights, equality, increased wages, and more.

It’s no wonder why in 2008, when Barack Obama secured the nomination, he glanced over the Senate, looked right past Senator Bernie Sanders, and picked Joe Biden to have his back as Vice President for eight years.

Joe Biden can and will bring back the Obama Democratic coalition in November. But, if we nominate Bernie Sanders, we could see down-ballot carnage. We cannot afford to lose the House, and we must take back the Senate. So let that sink in.

Now, as South Carolina heads to the polls this Saturday, let’s make sure that Joe Biden is in the best position humanly possible to win. And that ability to win comes down to support from committed folks like you and me.

Please, let’s not leave this election up to chance. It’s the most important of our lifetimes. Pitch in $5 and let’s send Joe Biden on his way to the Oval Office:

Congressman Cedric Richmond for Biden for President

Meanwhile, Amy Klobuchar is excited about her surge in donations with her latest fund.

Is purple one of Klobuchar’s colors? Nooooooo. No, it’s not.

That Washington Post quote turns up in so many of Klobuchar’s emails. It’s from an opinion piece that was written on February 11, 2019 about her campaign launch. It’s still one of her favorite lines.

The popular vote total thing is true, though. She does have the third most popular vote of all the candidates, behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Final alignment counts were used in caucus states.

There are still eight candidates in the race.

We have a long way to go.

Will anyone hit 1,000 emails?

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