Debate 9

In just a few minutes from this post going live, the ninth Democratic Presidential debates will begin on NBC. I’ll try to be live-tweeting and let you know if anyone is emailing during the debates.

For today’s charts, I decided to look at what percentages of candidate emails related to different things.

Mainly because Mike Bloomberg has only sent 68 emails to everyone else’s 1,000+.

Is anyone surprised?

Joe Biden is very, very good at referencing Trump. Over a quarter of his emails directly reference Trump in a way that has nothing to do with beating him in the election or putting him out of a job. Mike Bloomberg is also very keen on talking about Trump, though Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are less so.

Low numbers can sometimes come in handy.

Mike Bloomberg likes to talk about what his campaign is up to more than anything else. Because he’s not trying to fundraise, he has email real estate to spare for updates on his work. Interestingly, Pete Buttigieg really isn’t that far behind percentage-wise, despite having over 1200 more emails sent. There is a definite cliff between the ~25% campaign-focused emails of the first two and the ~15% campaign-focused emails of the last four.

Midwest Nice is Real

Midwest nice must really be a thing, because Pete Buttigieg is leading the pack with 42% of his emails having a very optimistic outlook. The other Midwesterner, Amy Klobuchar, is just barely behind him at 41% of her emails being optimistic. The next highest, Bernie Sanders, has barely 12% of his emails looking positive, and everyone else is even less positive than that.

Someone focuses hard on debates.

Amy Klobuchar triples her debate emails by emailing about the debate, emailing surveys for the debate, and running pre- and post-debate fundraising campaigns. She drags out her debate fundraising for days on either side of the event itself. The next closest person when it comes to debate emails is Pete Buttigieg, who talks about debates just over half as often as Klobuchar.

Huge discrepancies.

Bernie Sanders thanks me a lot. He thanks me for my massive ($1) contributions in the past. He thanks me for the donation I’m about to make. He thanks me for standing with him or reading his policies. Really, he says thank you more than anyone else in this race. Just about everyone else hovers around 9% of their emails including a “heartfelt” thanks (that is, an email that contains the full phrase “thank you” somewhere other than the last thing before the signature).

Honestly, the reason why Sanders’ numbers are so high is because he frequently says “Thank you, for all you do” or something along those lines, and then his signature is actually TWO lines: “In solidarity. Bernie Sanders.” Most campaigns don’t include an equivalent to “in solidarity,” and that’s why Sanders can inflate his numbers so much here.

I hate these emails.

Emails that ask me for money because the campaign needs money are among my least favorite emails. While there’s a certain purity to them, I prefer emails that at least offer information in exchange for asking me for money. “Hey, here’s what we’ve been up to. Hey, here’s a show we were on. Hey, can you support our canvassing efforts?” Emails that are “We have a goal, we need you to give us money to hit the goal, you hitting the goal is the only way the campaign runs,” are… well, they’re not treating me like someone invested in the campaign, but just a wallet to extract dollars from.

Is it any surprise that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the biggest offenders of this? They keep adding to their rejected donors list, so they shrink their potential donors as they need more money. That means they don’t bother with the niceties anymore. They need money because they need money.

Mike Bloomberg never asks for money, so he’s technically the best, though I have issues with his method of campaigning too.

Pete Buttigieg is the actual best at fundraising emails, because they are few and far between (relative to the OVERWHELMING WAVE OF EMAILS HE SENDS). He usually offers information or a story or an event in exchange for money. It’s still not the nicest, but he at least indicates that I’m more than just some dollar signs to him. Most of the time.

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