Farewell Deval Patrick

At 12:18 PM on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Deval Patrick, former governor of Massachusetts, officially suspended his campaign for President.

I still maintain he never should have joined to begin with.

Deval lasted a total of 90 days in the race, just one day fewer than Eric Swalwell managed. During those 90 days, he sent a total of 50 emails, or just over half an email a day. His presence was barely noticeable, and his greatest influence on the race was making me redo all my charts to add him just days before I had to redo them all again for Mike Bloomberg.

He sent so few emails, you can actually count them on this chart.

Thursday was Deval’s favorite day to email, with a whopping 9 emails sent on Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays were also popular, while Deval wasn’t a fan of the beginning of the week.

Overwhelming preference here.

Deval preferred to email after 5 PM but before 9 PM, a good, responsible time to email when people are getting home from work and checking their email and maybe their bank accounts.

20 emails were for fundraising.

Nearly half of Deval’s emails were purely about raising money for his campaign. He tried to talk a little about some news events, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day (four days late) or about his campaign events (he did a bus tour in New Hampshire!), but mostly, he just needed money.

He also wished me a happy holidays once.

Deval needed money, but he didn’t have a good idea how to go about asking for it. He rarely gave me any deadline or suggested amounts, just kept asking me to become a founding donor. He launched a merch store once, but that was the only time he ever mentioned merch. He had some volunteer calls, but never really did all that much with his volunteers.

In the end, there just wasn’t much to Deval. He was coasting hard on being the last Black man in the race, only… no one knew he was even there. Even in New Hampshire, neighbor to his home state of Massachusetts and home to his major campaign push, Deval only managed 1% of the vote.

Deval tried to combine the “best” parts of all the other candidates in the race, between Amy Klobuchar’s color scheme, Pete Buttigieg’s three-point stump, Cory Booker’s skin color, Jay Inslee’s governorship, Tom Steyer’s private sector experience, and Mike Bloomberg’s late start. The result was a muddled candidate with nothing that made people sit up and pay attention to him. In a crowded field, Deval became lost in the crush.

Thank you, Deval, for… well, for raising just over $2 million in a couple months, I guess. And for getting more votes than Michael Bennet.

It was not a long dream, says the Discord guy.

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