Day 247: 1/22/20

Thursday brought a lot of hostility from various Democrats. Bernie Sanders took the brunt of the hits, though Tulsi Gabbard was by far the most vocal in her anger.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

Andrew Yang used to send the same amount as Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is maintaining his endurance with another 5 emails, but Andrew Yang surged up to tie with him on Wednesday as he tried to clear his latest fundraising deadline of $1 million in 48 hours. Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren all sent 4 emails, while only Bernie Sanders sent 3.

I know it’s not having money for the sake of having money, but it sure feels like it.

Pete Buttigieg sent an email about his Iowa Caucus contest with the subject “Here’s your itinerary for Caucus day.” I about had a minor heart attack: did I win?

No, no I didn’t. They were just trying to get me to open the email and donate so I could win. I suppose it worked since I opened the email as soon as I saw it, instead of waiting for my usual evening catch-up!

Mike Bloomberg emailed me with his infrastructure policy and ordered me to share it on Facebook right now.

I don’t even share cat pictures on Facebook.

Elizabeth Warren is closing in on nearly 3 million donations from nearly 1 million donors, which surprised me. She had pushed to hit 1 million donors in December. I had assumed, with her free sticker giveaways and multiple emails, that she had made it, but… no, apparently not.

That’s rather worrying for her finances, if she didn’t pull in the amount of new donors she needed to hit her million donor goal in over a month of heavy fundraising.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, laid it out plainly.

These are true for just about everyone in Iowa.

I wasn’t sure if this fundraising tactic was actually efficient, so I tried it for myself on Twitter:

It worked.

It brought it more donations than usual, so I guess Biden does know what he’s doing when it comes to asking for money! (I didn’t have leftover pasta salad for dinner!)

However, the real issue of the day was negativity toward other Democrats.

No one attacked Republicans on Wednesday.

Bernie Sanders began with a fairly standard, fairly “mild” attack.

Right now we are up against the political establishment, the corporate media, and the financial elite of this country. They are not pleased that we are on a path to victory in this primary, and they are going to do everything they possibly can to stop us.

Team Bernie

Any time a candidate talks about “the political establishment,” I count that as negativity toward Democrats, because it implies that the existing Democratic party is somehow bad. It’s not a severe bit of negativity, but it is a frown at fellow Democrats.

Sanders isn’t the only one knocking the established party.

Even when the DNC blocked us from the debates, or when some of the pundits doubted us, or when we announced our most aggressive fundraising goal yet, this team pulled through.

Michael Bennet

Bennet has not stopped blaming the DNC for him neither having the donor numbers nor the polling numbers to be included on the debate stage. Not making a debate has always been something that happened to him, not something he had some measure of control over. Every time he talks about the DNC “blocking” him, I count it as a smack toward other Democrats.

Tulsi Gabbard made headlines by launching a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for defamation, accusing Clinton of accusing Gabbard of treason. She made sure to explain her reasoning to me in an email.

friend —

In 2016, when I stepped down from my position as Vice Chair of the DNC to endorse Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton, they threatened it would be the end of my political career.

They said Hillary and her elite and powerful friends will “make sure you are destroyed.”

They failed. Hillary calling me a “Russian asset” is not only intended to smear my reputation and derail my campaign for president, it’s also intended to silence any voice that dares to speak out against the establishment status quo. Your voice.

That’s why today, I sued Hillary Clinton for defamation. Hillary Clinton’s high priced attorneys and friends in high places won’t make it easy, but we cannot let the establishment elite sideline the will of the American people. Will you stand with me today and help me hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her lies?

We tell our kids to walk away from bullies. Ignore them. But what if that bullying behavior is not just about harm to the individuals involved? What if it’s a deliberate attempt to corrupt our democracy? What if its effect is to silence and sideline the will of the American people?

You stand up. You call it out, and then you hold the bully accountable.

Hillary Clinton and her establishment friends are playing high school popularity politics instead of serving the American people.

And when a warmonger responsible for getting us into no-win wars that make our country less safe accuses me — a soldier, a veteran, a sitting member of Congress — of treason, I will defend against it.

Will you take a stand with me, friend?

Tulsi Gabbard

It’s worth reminding everyone, including Gabbard, that Clinton said the Russians had their eye on one of the candidates and the Republicans were grooming her for a third party run. Neither of those things are accusing Gabbard of treason. Gabbard is the one who keeps jumping to that conclusion. Watching the Trump impeachment, watching Gabbard, I can’t help but wonder… is it a guilty conscience? Projection? Gabbard has made no secret about how much she utterly loathes everyone who makes up the Democratic Party. I still don’t know why she’s still a member.

But speaking of people who aren’t quite proper Democrats, Bernie Sanders took the brunt of the heat on Wednesday, as both Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg ripped into him. Buttigieg sent two emails attacking the pro-Bernie dark money groups, while Biden called Sanders out for lying about his record.

Did you see our email yesterday about the dark money attacks against Pete? We just found out that the media buy has been increased to $500,000.

To reiterate: A pro-Bernie dark money group is pouring $500,000+ into running negative attack ads against Pete in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Chip in anything you can right now to help us combat these lies by ramping up our voter outreach efforts to spread factual information about Pete’s bold vision for our country.


An FEC complaint has been filed against a dark money group attacking Pete on behalf of Bernie Sanders.

To be clear, this is the second dark money group supporting Bernie Sanders attacking Pete. This dark money group can raise unlimited money, and they don’t have to disclose who their donors are.

This is the definition of dark money.

What this shows is that dark money groups (plural) that are supporting other candidates are coming after Pete. But with 12 days until the Iowa Caucuses, and with dark money groups spending money on attack ads, we need your help to fight back against these baseless attacks. Please chip in anything you can tonight.

Our campaign has made a commitment to not take money from corporate PACs, fossil fuel executives, and lobbyists, and we intend to keep the promises we’ve made to our supporters.

This campaign was built to turn the page on not just the failed policies of the past but also the broken politics coming out of Washington. America is ready for a fresh start, and Pete is exactly the candidate to deliver that.

Pete for America, South Bend Office

The FEC complaint was detailed in this AP article yesterday, calling out Sanders’ dark money group “Our Revolution.” As the FEC rules state, a group set up by a candidate (Our Revolution was set up by Sanders) must adhere to the donation rules with max donations of $2,800 for a candidate.

Our Revolution has accepted donations up to at least $300,000.

If the group is not adhering to the donation rules, they should not be supporting a candidate.

Our Revolution advertises on Sanders’ behalf.

Either way, they are not in compliance. Of course, with Trump gutting the FEC, there will probably be no official repercussions. That does raise the question of if it’s okay to break the law if no one will punish you.

Ironically, this is the question being asked in the Senate right now as Donald Trump’s impeachment trial is underway, the question that Sanders has been nodding off to, according to a present reporter.

But again, it’s not just Buttigieg taking swipes at Sanders.

Hey, it’s Greg, Joe Biden’s Campaign Manager.

We’ve already emailed you once about Bernie Sanders’ campaign attacking Joe with misleading claims on Social Security, but I wanted to follow up in case you missed that note.

As Democrats, we can’t launch dishonest attacks against fellow Democrats. We have to beat Donald Trump.

But Bernie’s campaign has unleashed a barrage of negative attacks on Joe Biden.

He even accused Joe Biden of supporting Paul Ryan’s cuts to Social Security. Bernie’s campaign is not telling the truth.

But Bernie’s campaign has more money than we do, and those funds could go directly towards amplifying these false claims. So we’re ramping things up to bring in a surge of online contributions and set the record straight. Can you rush $5?

Here’s the truth: Joe Biden has voted repeatedly to save Social Security. He and President Obama beat back Republican attempts to privatize it. And in 2012, Joe Biden even said he didn’t support those cuts to Paul Ryan’s face at the Vice Presidential Debate.

The fact is that Joe Biden’s plan protects Social Security and it will increase benefits.

And here’s the most important thing: Bernie’s negative attacks won’t change the truth…Joe Biden is still the strongest Democrat to beat Donald Trump.

If you agree, we need you to rush $5 before midnight. We have to set the record straight against Bernie’s attacks and secure the nomination for Joe Biden »

Greg Schultz, Campaign Manager, Biden for President

Sanders did apologize to Biden for one of his top staffers sending out a newsletter declaring Biden corrupt, but he has doubled down on his insistence that Biden has tried to cut social security. While Sanders argues that Biden’s phrasing of “adjustments” meant “cuts,” he himself argued to “adjust” social security in the past as well.

Quite honestly, I’m fed up with these rules that candidates declare apply to everyone but themselves. “It’s different when I do it” is not a good excuse for anyone. Not for Trump, not for Democrats.

Another day of mostly donations

It wasn’t all negativity from Pete Buttigieg, though. He also included an email in which he highlighted some of the stories his supporters gave on why they donated how much they donated, and he invited me to tell my reasoning too.

Does anyone know the font used in the names?

I myself donated $1 because Buttigieg got on the debate stage, so I gave everyone on stage a dollar. It’s not a very intriguing story or value.

Andrew Yang has cleared 400!

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  1. Did you get a reply to your question about the font used in the names in Pete for America’s email? The campaign toolkit illustrates several variations on Futura. This might be Futura Demi.


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