Farewell Cory Booker

At 11:06 AM ET, on Monday, January 13, 2020, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker officially announced he was suspending his campaign for presidency, citing a lack of funds and the looming impeachment trial.

In the past 237 days, Cory sent me 539 non-donor emails and 452 donor emails for a total of 991 emails. That averaged out to 2.27 emails a day.

Not a Monday man.

Cory preferred to contact me toward the end of the week, letting me get into the flow before asking for money, though he was fairly evenly spread across Tuesday through Saturday.

Not a night owl.

He also preferred to email me when I was probably awake, between the hours of 11 AM and 8:59 PM. When given the option, Cory preferred early morning emails over late night ones.

Making the debates and making money.

Cory’s focus was primarily on getting onto the debate stage. He had a couple close calls, and by the end, he missed both the December and the January qualifying thresholds, though not for a lack of donors. Instead, Cory struggled to get his polling numbers off the ground. Unfortunately, despite strong debate showings (including one memorable night when Joe Biden called him the future president), Cory never could get the traction he needed.

Claim your 'Future President' Sticker!
Still could be true.
He liked getting my opinion.

Cory was unashamed of his love of bad/dad jokes, despite not being a dad himself, and he would frequently “reward” his supporters for hitting donation milestones by unleashing new quips on his captive audience. Halloween puns, sleep breakups, and even sick jokes were not beneath his sense of humor.

I hope Cory and sleep get some quality time together to get over any hard feelings.

Above all else, Cory ran a good, clean campaign. He was honest with his supporters about his financial situation, both when he was short on money and when he had achieved his goals.

Made more than he missed.

He was also very clear on his firm belief that America was better than Trump, and beating the current President was the floor, not the ceiling, of what the Democrats needed to aim for. Cory’s Baby Bonds initiative, providing every American with a $1,000 savings account at birth that the government would pay into depending on family income and which could only be used for college, a house, or retirement, was one of the most ambitious proposals to combat wealth inequality among all Democrats.

Cory was a strong fighter for racial equality and would frequently say either good things or not be baited into saying anything at all about his fellow candidates. When the DNC debate stages became less diverse, Cory was quick to criticize the policies without throwing the DNC under the bus–their rules were likely well-intentioned but had unfortunate side effects, he said. I would love to see Cory work with the DNC to find ways to be better inclusive of racial diversity in future debates, though the Democratic field is running low on candidates of color for this cycle.

Coming into the election, I thought of Cory as the Big Pharma candidate. Reading his emails, however, introduced me to an enthusiastic nerd who loves his country and wants to do what’s best for it.

This email started me seriously looking at Cory as a favorite.

As Cory continued to email me, I noticed more and more about his campaign. His graphics team was top notch, for one thing.

This was a man who knew his brand.

Cory frequently mentioned the other candidates in the race in non-negative manners, frequently listing other candidates on the debate stage with him and occasionally emailing when a candidate dropped. He thanked Eric Swalwell for his focus on gun violence, and he openly mourned when Kamala Harris suspended her campaign.

On the 22nd of the month, Cory would ask for donations of $22, his average online donation by the end of his campaign. Despite the growing pressure, Cory never buckled.

November 8, 2019

The worst Cory ever really got when talking about his competitors was to lambaste the billionaires who were more prevalent on the debate stage than minorities, scolding Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg for pouring millions into the airwaves and drowning out less-affluent candidates like himself. He also expressed displeasure at Joe Biden for a comment about how known racist white Senators had never called Biden “boy,” which Cory found incredibly distasteful: you don’t joke about the infantilization of black men. He asked for an apology from Biden (Biden never apologized to my knowledge, and in fact said Cory needed to apologize.)

Cory was also very loyal to the Constitution and the country he represented. He repeatedly stressed that while impeachment of Trump was necessary, it was not nice.

Last night, the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

This vote was the culmination of a three-month House impeachment process that has uncovered alarming evidence that the president used his official power for personal gain, put our national security at risk, and obstructed the investigation into his misconduct.

I may be a member of Donald Trump’s opposing party, but it brings me no joy that an American president allegedly committed such serious wrongdoing that he is now potentially facing removal from office. This is a sad moment for our country.

I’m running for president to restore our sense of common purpose and lead our country with integrity again. If you’re ready for new leadership, please consider supporting my campaign.

As this process heads to the Senate for trial, I’ll uphold my sacred oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

This trial demands an impartial and thorough review of the evidence. We must be presented with relevant witnesses and documents, and follow the evidence where it leads.

I’m ready to fulfill my role as a juror. And I’m ready to turn the page on this dark era of our history so we can begin the hard work of uniting the American people again and healing our deeply, deeply divided country.

Cory Booker

As he wrote his farewell letter, Cory, like every candidate before him, stressed that this was not his moment but it did not mean he was done fighting. He has every intention of rallying around the eventual nominee, but for now, he will focus on his job as a juror in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. After all, defeating Trump is the floor, not the ceiling, of a successful Democratic campaign.

So long, Cory. I look forward to your return in a future election.

And I didn’t mention that Cory was a vegan! (Art by Ely from the Discord server we’re both in)

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