Days 208 and 209: 12/14/19-12/15/19

The weekend brought money asks. Is anyone surprised? Almost everyone was behind on their goals, no matter how large or how small. And Cory Booker was cracking jokes again.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

Andrew Yang didn’t want to be forgotten.

Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang both sent a whopping 8 emails in just 2 days over the weekend. Joe Biden only sent out 7, and Michael Bennet’s 6 emails barely made it into the top three senders.

Unusual distribution.

Sunday was the 15th of the month, so it makes sense that there were more emails as people tried to get their last-minute mid-month fundraising goals in. However…

This chart is sparse

…as you can see, very few people actually named their goals. Andrew Yang was aiming for $2 million by Sunday at midnight. As of the time of this writing, he first extended the deadline to midnight CT-time, and then extended the deadline again another 24 hours.

If you crossed out your deadline and changed it, you didn’t make your deadline.

Pete Buttigieg is aiming for 2 million donations by the end of the year. Tulsi Gabbard wants $1 million by the end of the year. Joe Biden’s mid-month goal is $500,000, and Michael Bennet’s goal is an ambitious $30,000.

Somehow, Bennet still believes he’s in the race.

Can anyone put the Fun in Fundraising?
A quarter of all emails were complaining about being behind on a goal.

Despite very few campaigns telling me what their goals were, many campaigns were happy to tell me that whatever their goal was, their current fundraising wasn’t enough.

Good News: We have a great chance to win this race. We are surging in the polls locally and nationally. We have more volunteers and more grassroots enthusiasm than any campaign. And it’s all happening at the right time — right before the voting starts.

Bad News: We are being outspent in Iowa and with the big money flooding into this race to stop us, the race has gotten a bit more expensive. And the truth is, we are a bit behind on the goals we’ve set for December. And these goals are not arbitrary. They are set to reach what we need to win. So… not great.

That is why we’ve set a 48-Hour Mid-Month Fundraising Drive to catch up — and we have to do it the only way we know how: with as many donations as we can possibly generate from people all across the country who are ready to help Bernie win. So we are asking:

Can you make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign today — as part of our 48-Hour Mid-Month Fundraising Drive? Use this link.

It is no surprise that big money is pouring into this race to stop us. That’s fine. Because they are few and we are many. And if we stand together, we are going to win this race and transform this country.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

I’m running to be the best president that money can’t buy.

So I’m not hosting any fundraisers where you can only meet me if you can write a big check. And I’m not taking any money from Washington lobbyists, corporate PACs, or PACs of any kind.

You’ll always know that I’m fighting for you — not for any powerful special interest with deep pockets.

But our grassroots campaign is up against a big test. After the end of this month, we’ll release a public report on how much we’ve raised in the past three months and how many people have chipped in to own a piece of our campaign.

Look, I’ll just be blunt: We need those fundraising numbers to be as strong as possible, and we’re behind where we want to be to hit our fundraising goals.

So I’m asking: Will you pitch in $2 or whatever you can today to help grow our campaign?

When I ran for office for the first time, not very long ago, I had a lot to learn.

But here was the first — and most important — lesson I got: Nobody does this on their own.

I’m grateful down to my toes for everyone who knocks on doors, makes phone calls, texts their friends about our new plans, hosts debate watch parties, and chips in $3 at a time. For everyone who makes this campaign their own. For everyone who’s in this fight all the way.

If — and only if — we fight side by side, we can beat the big banks, the fossil fuel giants, the huge pharmaceutical companies — everyone who’s been rigging the rules and pulling the strings so our economy and our government only work for the wealthy and well-connected.

We can end Washington corruption, rebuild the middle class, and save our democracy. But only if we keep growing our grassroots movement with grassroots donors in Michigan and across the country.

That comes down to hitting this powerfully important mid-month goal before our next FEC fundraising deadline. Time’s running short. If you can, please make a contribution today — I’ll be deeply grateful.

Elizabeth Warren

Team, there’s some good news and some bad news:

The Good News: Yesterday we announced our $3O,OOO fundraising goal, and this grassroots network has really gotten us off to a strong start!!

The Bad News: As of 8 a.m. this morning, we’re still $18,642 behind! We need to hustle, or we’ll risk coming up short.

If we don’t hit this goal, we won’t be able to continue reaching out to undecided voters on the ground.

We’ve come too far to let our momentum slow down before voters start making up their minds, team.

It’s crucial that we keep our campaign growing as we move to persuade undecided voters in crucial early states.

We wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t urgent, team. Will you chip in right now?

Team Bennet

Perhaps the most interesting pair of emails came from Andrew Yang, who had a very different tone depending on whether or not I had already donated.


What a time for the campaign!  Last week we embarked on an incredible tour around Iowa.  I had the chance to talk face-to-face with many voters who take their job picking the future president very seriously.  The words that made my heart sing: “I am going to caucus for you.”

We are leveling up on every dimension: opening offices in the early states, hiring field staff, building our press operation, and more.

We’re no longer a long shot.  We’re top contenders.  That’s why we raised the stakes and announced an ambitious goal of $2 million by midnight tonight!

Please, pitch in $10 now to ensure we hit our $2 million goal by our deadline at midnight tonight.  Prove we have what it takes to be in it for the long haul.

Each day becomes more important than the one before, especially as we reach the end of 2019.  I am ready to end this year on a strong note and shock everyone watching by our success in December.

But in order to do that, we have to hit every goal we set.  It is crucial that we reach $2 million by midnight, and if you contribute today, I may give you a call!

Give everything you can now.

Your revved up candidate,

Andrew Yang

Things are going so great! He’s never been more excited, and they’re a top contender!


I want to be honest with you about the state of this campaign.

While we are growing in the polls, we are still behind top opponents in terms of fundraising, staff on the ground, and advertisements on the air and online.

And when our team put out a call to raise $2,000,000 by the end of the bus tour, the response so far has not been as strong as we’d hoped.  In fact, as of right this minute, we’re $652,208 short.

I think we can get back on track and hit this goal tonight, but it’s going to take an extraordinary effort from every member on this team to do it.  Can you pitch in before midnight so we can hit our goal?

I’m the husband to an amazing woman and the father of two young boys.

I know the country my sons will grow up in is going to be very different from the one I grew up in, and I want to look back at my life knowing I did everything in my power to create the kind of future our children deserve.

An America of opportunity and abundance.  An America that invests in its people so they can build the lives they want for themselves and their families.

I hope you feel the same and are compelled to give everything you can in this moment so we can build this America together.  Please pitch in now.  If you contribute today, you may receive a call from me thanking you for being the backbone of this campaign!

Thank you,

Andrew Yang

This is definitely more somber. Things aren’t as good as he’s pretending. He needs help to stay strong and hit his goal. He’s not doing this because he’s ever planned for it, but because he’s decided it’s time a dad steps up and gets things done.

This is actually the exact reason why I’ve been maintaining two different accounts. I want to see when there are these little differences between how candidates talk to their donors and their non-donors. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it usually jumps out at me.

Shopping season is wrapping up.

With the end of the holiday shopping season drawing close, several candidates made sure to remind me of the last day I could make a purchase to get my gifts in time for Christmas.

P.S. Today is the last day to order in-stock inventory to get it by Christmas! Head over to the Tom 2020 store and be sure to enter ‘HOLIDAY15’ at checkout for 15% off.

Jeremiah Chapman, Social Impact Director, Tom 2020

By the time you’re reading this, it’s already too late.

Pete Buttigieg wanted to do more than just tell me to buy his stuff, so he worked it into a lesson on pronunciation.

Just a friendly reminder, if you were planning on buying merchandise from our store and want it to arrive by the 24th, today is the last day to order. 

Working for Pete this past year gave me so much to be grateful for, so I thought I’d give back by sharing something near and dear to my heart: how to correctly pronounce the word GIF. It sounds a lot like “gifts,” which is what you should buy from our online store today. 

From stickers to apparel to buttons, we’ve got everything you need to show your loved ones (even the four-legged kind) how much you appreciate them this holiday season. So make sure to get your orders in post-haste!

Happy Holidays

Jillian Maryonovich, Creative Director, Pete for America

I’ll admit it, I laughed.

Buttigieg wasn’t the only one who got me giggling this weekend. Cory Booker had a rough weekend, coming down with the flu and needing to actually take a rest.

As you may have heard, I had to pull myself off the campaign trail this weekend because I came down with the flu.

The good news is, after some much-needed rest, I’m already starting to feel a bit better. I look forward to starting my travels up again soon, and my team is already looking to reschedule a few events I missed.

But here’s the thing, staying home this weekend has taken away time that I would have normally spent fundraising.

I need you to have my back this weekend while I rest up. Will you chip in to help keep our campaign running while I’m off the trail?

Here’s a link:

Looking forward to being back out there soon,

P.S. I was going to make a joke about my sickness, but it flu over my head.

P.P.S. I hope you didn’t take tissue with that bad joke.

P.P.P.S. I wish I could blame these jokes on my fever.

Cory Booker

Oh Booker. I missed your jokes.

For Tom Steyer’s twelve days of Tom: 10 years of people-oriented change.

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