Day 196: 12/2/19

Cyber Monday brought sales galore, though Andrew Yang warned about the dangers of this shopping holiday. Or he celebrated it? I’m honestly not sure. Bernie Sanders knows this election is his already, and Joe Biden is happy with his money.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

I think I’m back on Pete Buttigieg’s main list.

Julian Castro and Amy Klobuchar both sent 4 emails on Monday, while Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg sent 3. I emailed the Buttigieg account on Saturday explaining what had happened and asking to be put back on their mailing list with my BTE account, and it looks like that has been resolved as of Monday.

It’s probably worth a mention that I emailed Kamala Harris as well when I fell off of her donor list, asking for a correction, and, well… you can see how well that went. [Editor’s Note: I wrote this before Kamala dropped. Look for her farewell tomorrow.]

Cyber Monday is another excuse to move merch.

With Cyber Monday, several campaigns were having merch sales (carrying over from Black Friday). Andrew Yang had the biggest discount, at 40% off. Kamala Harris and Marianne Williamson both had 15% off sales. Amy Klobuchar had a 10% discount for “holiday shopping season.”

Elizabeth Warren had a 25% discount sent in an image-heavy email, but when I copy/pasted it into my spreadsheet, the alt text for the image specifically said “Black Friday” sale. Whoops!

(Warren isn’t the only campaign to make a gaffe like this: Pete Buttigieg’s Rules of the Road sticker was originally marketed as a pre-debate 5 sticker, and then he marketed it as a pre-debate 5 sticker after the debate. This is why repeating emails is a lazy thing.)

However, sales weren’t the only reasons to send a Cyber Monday email. Andrew Yang and Julian Castro both wrote about the horrible realities of Cyber Monday, how most of the sales funnel through Amazon, where workers are treated horribly and Jeff Bezos will make more in a single day than the average American family will make over their entire lifetimes.

Over the past several years, Cyber Monday has become a landmark holiday for Americans looking for deals on electronics, clothing, and other consumer products.

Experts are predicting that Americans will spend nearly $10 billion online today — a huge increase over last year — with most of that money going straight to companies like Amazon and other online retailers.

These trends are why 30% of America’s malls and stores will close over the next five years.  With retail being one of the most common jobs in the country, what are the millions of retail workers going to do when their jobs are displaced by robots in fulfillment centers?

These are the questions we need to be asking.  Our leaders need to be grappling with these issues and I’m running for president because I can see that they are not.  They don’t want to think about problems that they don’t have solutions for.

Here’s the bottom line: We’re not going to block technological progress, but we can make sure that all gain from it.  I’ve put forward a series of proposals that would allow Americans to share in the bounty of the 21st century economy.

If you agree that Amazon and other companies sucking up billions of dollars in commerce need to pay their fair share, please add your name and let’s send a message that we’re ready for a new set of rules in our economy.

Imagine a future in which all Americans benefit from the gains of days like Cyber Monday.  Imagine a society where retirement-age men and women aren’t forced to work grueling hours to make ends meet — sometimes even during the holidays.

This future is possible.  We just need to push ourselves to think harder and make it a reality.  I’m running for president because I know we can do so much better by our people.

Thank you for putting Humanity First,

Andrew Yang

Despite this warning about online retail causing brick and mortar stores to close, do remember that Yang’s Cyber Monday sale was the biggest of any candidate, therefore encouraging you to buy his merch online.

Cyber Monday = News Events

Steve Bullock’s single email today was to let me know he was dropping out of the campaign. Look for his farewell post in an hour.

Bernie Sanders informed me that voters LOVED the way he was funding his campaign.

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to make a contribution to Bernie 2020, our campaign for president. Please give me a chance to explain why this request — especially right now — is so important.

Here is the truth:

December marks the end of the last quarterly FEC fundraising deadline of this primary. And shortly before Iowa, we’ll report not just how much money we’ve raised, but how many donations we’ve received toward that number.

And that’s important. Not just because it’s these donations that fund this campaign. But it’s also because voters LOVE the way we fund this campaign. This is a big part of how we WIN!

So our job right now is to rack up as many donations as we possibly can before this deadline. And that starts now. With this ask:

Can you make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign as part of our final FEC quarterly fundraising deadline push? This is it. Get Bernie, and all of us, off to a strong start.

It is hard to believe we are just about two months from the first caucus and primaries. All of our work. All these donations. All the volunteer shifts. All the social posts, phone calls and door knocks. All the BERN app use. It all comes down to what we do right now. So thank you for chipping in.

We’re going to win.

Faiz Shakir, Campaign Manager, Bernie 2020

This voter does NOT love the ALL-CAPS words for emphasis. Nor does she love the way his campaign is funded or the overconfidence that exudes from every Sanders email these days.

There’s a fine line between being confident and being overconfident, and I feel like Sanders has crossed it. The primary is still wildly contested, with none of the front runners getting more than a quarter of the votes in polls. There are still 16 candidates in the field. It’s still 2 months before the first caucus. And in 2016, we were all sure that there was no way Trump would beat Clinton. For Sanders to consistently be saying “Yep, this is ours” at this point really irritates me. No. No it’s not yours. Stop taking votes for granted.

That’s how you lose.

Joe Biden wasn’t all that much better. He sent me an email with the subject “This is a fundraising email (but it’s all about you)”

This email is a little different. I’m still going to ask you for a donation, but what I’m really asking is for you to own a piece of the movement Trump is most afraid of.

I’m sending this message to you from the road on day three of our “No Malarkey” barnstorm across Iowa. Americans are tired of the malarkey coming from this president and this administration, and together we’ll put an end to it.

Because listen, I knew Donald Trump was afraid of this campaign from the beginning:

— Before I even announced I was running, Trump was obsessively asking his aides about me.

— When I got endorsed by the Firefighters Union early on, Trump went on a Twitter rampage, setting a new record with 60+ negative Tweets about me in an hour.

— In the past couple of months, Trump went to foreign leaders for dirt on my campaign. It triggered an impeachment trial. Period.

It all speaks for itself. Trump is terrified of this campaign. But he’s not afraid of me alone, he’s afraid of all of you. A broad and diverse coalition of people that donate, that speak out, and that vote.

My campaign is nothing without grassroots donors fueling it. Will you chip in $5 to own a piece of the movement Donald Trump is most afraid of before 2019 ends

I’m honored to be in this movement with you. Let’s keep it going into 2020.

All my best,

Joe Biden

All about me, huh? Because that email certainly read to me like it was all about Biden.

Biden’s campaign is definitely the most inconsistent with their messaging. Though Julian Castro tends to mix up his announcements with announcements of the shows he’s on, at least his humble message of distress is steady. Biden veers wildly between joy and despair. Remember how yesterday, he was already behind on his December fundraising and was in trouble? Well today, he told me the GREAT news that his campaign has raised more in the first two months of this quarter than it had in the entire third quarter.

Make up your mind, Biden! Either you don’t have good money coming in or you do!

The oscillating messages makes me feel like nobody is actually reading his emails. They can say whatever they want if nobody is paying attention.

Little did they know that I would emerge this campaign cycle…

Joe Biden has sent nearly 10% of all the campaign emails since May 21.

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