Debate 5

In just a few minutes from this post going live, the fifth Democratic Presidential debates will begin on NBC. I’ll try to be live-tweeting and let you know if anyone is emailing during the debates.

I got a new toy for my emails, so today we’re going to go over candidate word frequency in their emails!

There are ten candidates on stage. These are their top 10 favorite words of each month, all combined into one graph. The darker the segment, the more recent the emails.

I removed references to their own name, their main campaign HQ, and common words.

Joe Biden

Biden is obsessed with Trump.

Cory Booker

The even spacing of the bars means he’s pretty consistent with his message.

Pete Buttigieg

His message changes, but America is consistent.

Tulsi Gabbard

Gabbard’s recent words have been more hostile.

Kamala Harris

Almost all of Harris’ top words come from the ActBlue Express disclaimer.

Amy Klobuchar

Mostly, Klobuchar likes to say that she doesn’t take money from corporate lobbyists or PACs.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders is very pleased with his campaign.

Tom Steyer

Honestly, I’m not sure what message Steyer is trying to get across in his emails.

Elizabeth Warren

Not a top ten word for Warren: Plan

Andrew Yang

Yang just wants us all to get along (and give him money)

3 thoughts on “Debate 5

  1. I love these charts, Aimin! I am really surprised that ‘believe ‘ only showed up in two of these lists! Do any of the candidates have any interesting words that they’ve used uniquely?


    1. Not really, not beyond the top words in the charts. It’s still a fascinating breakdown. Kamala’s ActBlue disclaimer being on top really surprised me!


      1. Yes, that’s surprising and certainly revealing. I felt the same way about your note on Warren’s chart. I am curious about whether there will be any noticeable shift in her email rhetoric now that she’s announced her M4A transition. I don’t actually expect one, but it would definitely reinforce the idea that there’s been some kind of change in her strategy.


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