Days 180 and 181: 11/16/19-11/17/19

The weekend was full of asks for money. Julian Castro is actually too humble to do something, Marianne Williamson is picturing the future, and Joe Biden is trying to give Trump a heart attack.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, though I have previously been on the mailing lists of 28 Democratic candidates! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

It took some time for the Trump emails to kick in, so I started officially tracking his list on July 7. I have been tracking Biden’s for longer, but I will start comparing them as of July 7. All of these emails are going to a new email, and I have not donated, filled out surveys, signed petitions, or otherwise interacted with either candidate’s emails.

The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

These weekend charts have been depressing me lately.

In 2 days, both Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg sent 7 emails. The next most active over the weekend were Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar and Andrew Yang, each sending 5. Michael Bennet, Julian Castro, Deval Patrick, and Elizabeth Warren sent 4 emails each.

Almost perfectly split

Saturday still gets a touch more attention than Sunday, but this weekend was practically a 50/50 split for once.

The welcome emails were miscategorized in yesterday’s post.

Deval Patrick’s emails were mainly Welcome emails this time, though I had marked them as Campaign Events yesterday because I had completely forgotten there was a Welcome category. It had been so long since any candidate welcomed me to the campaign.

Patrick’s fourth email was his first ask for money:

We’re starting from a disadvantage.

We have less than a year to build a campaign that has the strength and reach to win on November 3rd, and we’re competing in a field of candidates who have been building their campaigns and raising money for months, if not years.

Team Deval

Whose poor planning and inability to make a firm decision led to this problem, Patrick? It wasn’t my poor planning. You chose to come late to the party. Now you have to deal with being at a disadvantage. Don’t foist your poor judgment on my shoulders.

Joe Sestak popped back into my inbox with an email a day, recapping a bit of what he’s been up to and telling me about the Nevada Dems event he was speaking at on Sunday.

Tom Steyer’s son promised me his dad would wear his tartan tie at the next debate. This makes two candidates obsessed over their debate neckwear, as Andrew Yang has previously gone so far as to sell copies of his no-tie look in his merch shop.

Julian Castro, meanwhile, has jumped the humble shark with an email from his campaign manager.

Julián is too humble to say it, but I will:

His qualifications and depth of experience far exceed those of candidates who are constantly in the limelight.  

Julián has pioneered policies and spoken out for marginalized communities because it’s the right thing to do — not the opportunistic thing to do.

But regardless, the way he’s been ignored and discounted in this race is disgraceful.

The bottom line is: We cannot allow billions on flashy ad campaigns, media bias, and pandering to the wealthy elite to be what matters most in this Democratic Primary. 

Maya Rupert, Campaign Manager, Julian for the Future

I’ll admit, I laughed when I read this. Of course he’s too humble!

At least the campaign seems to have pivoted away from talking about Mama Castro. Though, uh… I did notice this in his footer, and when I checked… 573 out of 609 of his emails included it.

Of course Grandmother Castro gets mentioned.

A poll came out over the weekend showing Pete Buttigieg leading in Iowa by 9 points, and an email followed shortly thereafter to let me know… but it didn’t come from the Buttigieg campaign. (The Buttigieg campaign actually never talks to me about their polling numbers or how they do compared to other candidates/how other candidates are doing.)

Cory Booker is ever the optimist.

Only Cory Booker would look at a poll showing a new opponent taking the lead in a state and go “That means I can too!” His optimism never fails to cheer me up a little… though I’m not sure it’s really warranted at this point in the race. Booker has been struggling all race to gain any small amount of traction.

All those surveys from yesterday…

Amy Klobuchar invited her followers to sign a good luck card for her for the next debate, while Tom Steyer asked for words of encouragement. Marianne Williamson talked to me about how every time they thought their campaign was at its end financially, her supporters stepped up to see her through to a new goal, and they’re trusting it will happen again.

She also sent me this vision of the future.

I’m 35,000 feet in the air, looking down. Underneath are states and towns full of Americans going about their business. Are they aware of the change that is coming?

Sitting here—in the stratosphere and the clouds—here is what I am thinking about:

It’s March 2024, the beginning of President Williamson’s second term. You are picking up your kids at school or getting ready for yoga class and the conversation turns to you…

A friends might ask you—“How did you know last election that Marianne Williamson was the leader that we needed?”  In 2019, all I remember was America’s strife, and exhaustion, and finger-pointing. So many candidates, jumping in the race out of fear, but lacking a vision for real change. Then………one voice……quiet at first, then growing, emerged to present this vision. 

“How did you know so early that she would be the leader we were talking about wanting but couldn’t see was right in front of us? How did you know to pick her out amidst all that background noise?”

All of you who support Marianne have this in common: You know what others do not yet know. You see what others cannot yet glimpse. It is a profound act of faith to allow the “better angels of our nature,” as Abraham Lincoln called it, to guide us to our greatness. While others may doubt, you know that this country is destined for great things. That we are a nation of good. That there is a path to being better. That Marianne can show us the way. 

We are turning outwards now, applying our principles of self-transformation to politics. As Marianne begins to name that which ills us as a nation, now, we are working to collectively change it. And in 5 years time, folks will ask you, how did you know to do that? To take that courageous step and ask others to follow you too? To stay on the path of what is right and just, even in the face of disbelief, to reach a promise of that which had never been seen?

We are a group who seek the truth for the greater good, despite obstacles and naysayers. Thanks to Marianne, even if we are small compared to some campaigns, we are a force for America and we refuse to back down.  

The abolitionists didn’t know an America without slavery was possible. The suffragettes didn’t know an America where women could vote was possible. The civil rights marchers didn’t know an America without segregation was achievable. Their commitment and faith in the impossible led them to create a new national reality from their unforeseen faith. And when, out of our faith, we have transformed our government and our politics and secured our better future, our nation will applaud our vision with equal fervor as they do those who have transformed our nation before. 

I admire all of you—trailblazers, healers, visionaries, and dreamers. To stand with you is to see greatness and know that it is near.

Patricia Ewing, Campaign Manager, Marianne Williamson for President

Moms who do yoga. Why am I not surprised that this is how Williamson’s campaign views her supporters?

Honestly, I’m just ready for these flowery emails to end.

Michael Bennet was excited that he hit his mid-month goal (a couple days late), and he was wondering if he could take advantage of the surge of donations to get a few more. Considering it took him all day to raise $867, I’m not going to hold my breath for his financial support.

Elizabeth Warren informed me that when I donated, I was making a statement for the type of President I wanted, whereas Joe Biden told me that I should donate to scare Trump.

He even put it in his ActBlue disclaimer.

John Delaney repeated his email from earlier about his opponents not being honest, while Steve Bullock is still getting public matching funds for donations up to $250. Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg sent an email talking about how the Super Tuesday states are nearly 90% mobilized already, and sent another one talking about how the campaign has been connecting with people (and then repeating that email in case I didn’t catch it the first time).

The most exciting offer of the weekend probably came from Andrew Yang, who has taken to addressing me by name these days. Free with any purchase in his merch store, I can get a two-pack of bumper stickers! While supplies last.

Yang2020. Free Bumper Stickers in honor of debate week. Set of two bumper stickers, one white and one navy blue. Says “YANG. BEATS. TRUMP.” and “” From Nov. 18-24 we're giving away a free “Yang Beats Trump” bumper sticker combo pack with every purchase in the store! While supplies last. Shop Now
But I have to make a purchase.
Amy Klobuchar has hit pi emails!

8 thoughts on “Days 180 and 181: 11/16/19-11/17/19

  1. Thank you for this post.
    I felt some gloom and doom with the one from yesterday but this one made me laugh, especially Cory’s optimism. You gotta love this man!

    That being said, I think we all (voters and people on SM) to stage an intervention and explain to Julian why, despite his courage and brilliant policies, his campaign has stalled and is on life support. It’s not Pete, it’s you, Julian!

    Keep up the good work!


    1. You forgot his humbleness. How could you forget how humble Julian is? He’s always reminding you!

      I LOVE Cory’s optimism. I wish he were getting more attention.


  2. Can you please publish the Pete emails? They sound interesting and I don’t think I got those ones. Also, there is going to be a social media campaign to counter some of the toxicity, in support of Pete on the day before the debate today. Would you mind helping this clip go viral today, along with the hashtags #wegotyou and #decencywins? No worries if you have to remain impartial, but maybe you could pass it along to other Pete supporters on twitter.


    1. Hi there,

      My name is Samantha Steelman and I am the “Marathon States Director” for Pete for America! That means I manage the organizing programs in the states that don’t vote until Super Tuesday and beyond.

      As part of our Rules of the Road series, I wanted to take some time and talk about my favorite Rule of the Road: teamwork.

      Teamwork is a primary component of the Marathon States Organizing Program. From my strong regional organizing directors (shoutout to Ayodele, Kyrstin, Justin, and Michelle!!) to the supporters taking on leadership roles in their communities, together we’re truly building something special.

      Today, ninety percent of congressional districts in Super Tuesday states have mobilized volunteer teams, and those volunteer teams have already collected tens of thousands of signatures to help get Pete on the ballot in states across the country.

      The teamwork of our supporters and volunteers — that’s you! — is what will give us an edge (some might say boot-edge-edge) coming out of the early contests heading into Super Tuesday states. We’ll be ready to continue the work because of the teams that are in place and are continuing to grow.

      We take our cues from Pete. He is offering a new approach based on teamwork — with solutions big enough to meet this moment and unifying enough to actually get done. He knows that if we can summon the courage to break with the past, and if we can enlist the energies of every American, then we can be proud to tell our kids what we did to leave them a better future.

      If you’re proud to be a part of Team Pete, sign your name to commit to our Rules of the Road and let’s get to work.

      Thanks for being a part of our team.


      Samantha Steelman
      Marathon States Director
      Pete for America


    2. Hi there,

      When I announced my campaign for president, I knew it was more than a little bold. Here was a youthful, Midwestern Mayor stepping forward as a candidate for the highest office in the land. We heard things like, “Is this for real?” and “Why now?”

      The answer is because we can’t wait. While politicians keep fighting with one another, the climate crisis grows, gun violence takes more lives, families fall further behind, and the democracy on which we stand grows shakier.

      We’re at a make-or-break moment, and there’s a growing movement of Americans who see it. They’ve joined our fight to turn the page and win a fresh start. In 78 days, in Iowa, we’ll face our biggest test yet: one that asks, when it matters most, will we show up? Will we turn the hopes that have united us into votes and delegates to win the nomination? We will — if you chip in to help us, if we all dig deep and give more.

      I’m asking for your support so we can make sure our team has the resources it will take to organize in more places and with more urgency than ever before. Winning will take going all out, all over, and our teams can’t do it without us.

      This nominating process is a long one, I know. But doing well in the first-in-the-nation caucus would put us in the best position for winning this entire race. A first-time donation from you, today, will set that in motion. Can you chip in $10?

      I’ll be hitting the campaign trail harder than ever over the next few months. I’ll do what it takes to reach even more voters where they’re at, discuss my vision for this country, and win their votes. From the work I do on the trail to the work of every single organizer — it matters. It all matters a great deal.

      And it’s working. We’re connecting with Americans. We’re doing it by talking to people and listening to them — really listening, in a way leaders haven’t for some time. In those conversations, we let people know that in this campaign, in our vision for America, this, above all, is true: They belong. We need to bring more and more into our movement to win a fresh start for our country.

      This isn’t the easy way of doing things, but it is the right way. We need leadership that will go everywhere and talk to everyone. Not just people who agree with us, but those who don’t, too. Because the campaign that can do that — the campaign that can bring more Americans from all walks of life together — is the one that can win.

      We can do this, but we need you to keep working, to keep giving, to keep telling people about this campaign you’ve become a part of.

      If you’ve been waiting to make your first gift when it would mean the most, this is a great moment. Can you chip in? It would mean so much to me, to our team, and to our future.

      After all we’ve been through, America has a chance at a fresh start. We need it, but we’ll have to work for it. We’re ready to do that, and deep down I know that, with your support, we will.

      Thank you,



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