Day 168: 11/4/19

Monday brought a fresh flood of emails from Julian Castro, while Joe Sestak hit a major milestone in a campaign and Joe Biden worried about someone else’s electibility.


For all new readers: Welcome! I am currently on the mailing lists of 17 candidates for the Democratic Presidential Nomination! This blog breaks down recent emails with charts and excerpts. If you already know all of this, feel free to skip to the next chart!

I signed up to all mailing lists either on May 21 or the day the candidate announced, whichever was later. Using a different email address, I have donated at least $1 to all candidates who have been on a debate stage (I have given additional donations to my preferred candidates through my personal email, but the campaigns have linked the two accounts together and may ask for more as a result).

When showing breakdowns by campaigns, there will usually be 2 numbers. Emails to my non-donor account will be indicated by a darker color/top bar in horizontal bar charts. Emails to my donor account will be indicated by a lighter color/bottom bar.

Unless otherwise specified, all other charts combine the donor and non-donor numbers, as they are roughly 1-for-1, so the percentages and relative differences don’t change much. You can divide the numbers in half to get the rough estimate for what someone not signed up twice would be receiving. The rules I try to follow for the various categories are laid out in The Framework.

If you want specific data on any particular day, feel free to drop a comment!

Aaaand Julian Castro wants something again.

Julian Castro and Elizabeth Warren both sent out 3 emails on Monday, while Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Marianne Williamson, and Andrew Yang all kept to just 2 emails.

Huge dip in fundraising asks.

After spending ten days crying about desperately needing money or he’d be FORCED to drop out of the race, this was a TRAGEDY happening to the only Latino candidate, he was facing a DO-OR-DIE moment… you’d think Castro would have at least a few days of happiness, right? He made his goal, everything should be coming up roses!

Not so fast.

I figured out where Beto’s missing capital letters went…

I wish I could say that these emails were unusual and a show of genuine worry.

Act NOW, people! Didn’t you see the all-caps!?

Unfortunately, this is literally just another day for the Castro campaign. He literally cannot express concern without going into full-blown klaxon alarm panic.

And it’s not even good panic, necessarily. Would it be sad if we lose the only Latino voice on the debate stage? Yeah, probably. But. We’re not losing the only diverse voice on the stage. There can only be one winner, and if it’s Castro, it’s not a woman. It’s not the descendant of a slave. It’s not someone from the LGBTQ+ community. At some point or another, diverse voices will be silenced. The simple fact that Castro is Latino is not enough to deserve a position on the debate stage.

I cannot recall the last time Castro emailed me to talk about the hope his administration would bring. I can’t recall him ever dropping a line just to let me know what he’s been up to or to share a fun picture of him meeting regular Americans. I can’t recall him being happy excited about much of anything. He is always panicking or bitter. For better or worse, this is the messaging his campaign believes will win the hearts and imaginations of Democrats. Panicked and bitter.

I just want him to go away.

Lots of “November Issues Surveys”

For the second time since May 21, Andrew Yang asked me to split a donation between himself and an outside campaign. First it was Jaime Harrison, who is running against Lindsey Graham, but on Monday, it was splitting a donation between himself and the Virginia Democrats who are trying to flip their state House today.

Joe Sestak, meanwhile, was over the moon: Fox News invited him onto their shows!

One down, two to go!

Sestak has really been struggling to get anyone to take him seriously as a major Presidential candidate, but maybe this appearance on Fox will get CNN and MSNBC to open up their doors for him.

Elizabeth Warren did something practically unheard of for her: she set a monetary goal. She wants to raise $1 million by the end of the week to show that people really do support her Medicare for All plan. If you chip in to donate, you can get a free sticker! However… she didn’t tell me which sticker I could get. I wonder if it’s just whatever surplus stickers she has lying around.

Cory Booker wanted to take a moment to talk about impeachment and remind us that impeachment is not an occasion to be joyful. Our President has betrayed his oath of office, but the Congress will not. This is a sad, albeit necessary moment in our government’s history.

Bernie Sanders is worried about his November numbers. Here we are, four days in, and he’s already behind on his forecast. This really hurt them in 2016, and he’s terrified it will do so again.

Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg is hosting a tailgating party for a Notre Dame game at the end of the month, and with a donation, you could win a chance to join him. In the meantime, he sent out a video of himself answering the questions sent in from his earlier AMA email request. He also sent out an email to his Virginia mailing list, which Esther forwarded to me, reminding everyone that it’s an election day today and it’s time to flip Virginia blue!

And Joe Biden called attention to the recent NYT poll of key battleground states–he’s beating Trump in battleground states, but Elizabeth Warren is not. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we elected someone who couldn’t beat Trump?

Finally, Steve Bullock sent out an email asking his donors for more money. Everything up to $250 will be matched with public funding, so… please help him out?

Bernie Sanders is now where Tim Ryan was when he dropped.

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