Day 154: 10/21/19

Monday was a day for dramatics. Julian Castro declared dire financial straits. Tulsi Gabbard (basically) declared war on the Democratic party. Bernie Sanders went all retro-pop-culture. And Joe Biden has… threatened… something?

I can grit my teeth and get through these next ten days…

Julian Castro sent 4 emails on Monday. Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren all restrained themselves to just 3.

Though I’ve been saying my money is on Tim Ryan for being the next candidate out, Julian Castro has announced an ultimatum. After seeing how successful Cory Booker’s “If I don’t raise this much money in this time period, I’m out” campaign went, Castro has announced that if he doesn’t raise $800,000 in 10 days (by the end of October), he’ll be forced to drop out.

I can’t help but wonder what the people doing worse than him financially and in the polls think about that phrasing.

I wanted to make sure you heard directly from me. 

If I can’t raise $800,000 in the next 10 days — I will have no choice but to end my race for President. [Editor’s note: this font was red]

I’m asking you to fight for me like never before. If I don’t meet this deadline, I won’t have the resources to keep my campaign running. I’m counting on your $5 in this critical moment. >>  

This isn’t a fundraising gimmick — it’s the transparency and honesty I have promised you since I entered this race.  

The truth is, for our campaign, these debates have offered our only guaranteed opportunity to share my vision with the American people. If I can’t make the next debate stage, we cannot sustain a campaign that can make it to Iowa in February. 

My presidential campaign is in dire need of financial resources to keep going.    

According to the Washington Post, a qualifying poll is coming out every two days. So I’m asking for the money we need to qualify for the debate with enough time left to actually meet the deadline.  

Unless I’m able to raise $800,000 by October 31st, we won’t make the November debate stage and our campaign will have to shut down. >> 

All the progress we’ve made is in serious jeopardy. 

I started this campaign on a shoestring budget in the neighborhood I grew up in.  

I didn’t grow up a frontrunner.  

I didn’t have personal wealth to pump into this race.  

And we’ve built this campaign without a cent from super PACS or billionaires.  

I’ve spent every second in this race fighting for folks who have struggled like I did. 

Now, I’m asking you to fight for me.  Can I count on your immediate $5 by midnight to keep my campaign running?

For everyone who feels like their voice has been discounted and cast aside. 

Every child wondering why no President has ever looked like them.  

Every parent struggling to lift their family out of poverty.  

I want you to know: You have a home here with our movement — you are who I’m fighting for. 

Right now, I’m asking you to fight for me. I need to raise $800,000 by the next 10 days to replenish my campaign and make the next debates. Otherwise, I will have no choice but to end my race. I’m humbly asking: Will you rush $5 to keep me in the race? >> 

I’ve spent this campaign working to be a champion for the underrepresented.  

We’ve led boldly with plans on police reform, gun violence, boosting our public schools, and crafting humane immigration policies.  

So when I ask you to help me in the next 10 days, it’s not about me.  

It’s about every single person who needs a champion fighting for them.  

I need your help to keep me in this race. Will you rush $5 before midnight? >> 

Thank you, 

Julian Castro

Castro proceeded to send me several more emails in this vein, all imploring me to humbly give him a donation to keep him in the race.

I don’t think he mentioned his mother at all on Monday.

I have a feeling that Castro is going to continue to bombard me with emails until the end of the month. We’ll see then if he has enough support to raise his $800k needed.

8 of those fundraising emails came from Castro.

Tulsi Gabbard asked me to watch her video on how she is going to stand up to the Democratic party and asked me to stand with her.

Friend —

I was warned by many that my endorsement of Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton in 2016 would be the end of my “political career.” I was told she will never forget. That her rich and powerful friends in the media and Democratic Party would try to destroy me.

To that I say: Bring it. They will not intimidate us. They will not silence us.

Now, while we’re under attack, is not the time to back down. In fact, we need to be bolder. That’s why I’m asking you to join me. In rooting out the corruption in our party and our country, in ending the American war machine’s stranglehold on our leaders, in ensuring our government is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Watch this important video message, and then help me take our country back from the corrupt elite:

Tulsi Gabbard

This, remember, is the candidate who does not sow division.

For what it’s worth, Bernie Sanders has tweeted his support of Gabbard.

Gabbard wasn’t the only one having a meltdown, as Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennet pointed out. Klobuchar told me that Donald Trump was off the rails, and his behavior wasn’t normal. Bennet went a step further and called him a “treasonous MF” and said he was the perfect man for the job to rebuild after Trump.

Really not much variation here.

Out of all of the candidates asking me for money today, Bernie Sanders was the most unique.

Where’s my hoverboard, Sanders?

For my donor version, Sanders had the date of my last donation and a clock ticking up of how long it had been since I last donated. It was… a bit unnerving.

And speaking of unnerving, it would be a real shame if Joe Biden used language that came across as vaguely threatening. As if something could happen to that there election if he doesn’t get his way…

He highlighted that, not me.

Is there any sentence that can start with “It would be a real shame…” that wouldn’t be read as a threat? Seriously, what was he thinking with that warning? And highlighting it? We’ve already got one wanna-be mob boss in the White House. Is Biden really going to try to be a new one?

Honestly, I don’t know what’s been getting in the water of everyone. Pete Buttigieg said it best at the fundraiser I attended: ever since Labor Day, it feels like there’s a real change to the energy of the race. I’m growing uneasier by the day, and it’s not just because Halloween is around the corner…

Speaking of Halloween, Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang are the only candidates with Halloween-specific merch available. (And when I checked, Tim Ryan’s webstore was down…)

Neither of these candidates had a bulk purchase option, though. I think some of those stickers would have been cute to throw into trick or treat bags if you could buy, like 100 at a reasonable price.

Will Castro hit 300 emails before the end of the month? Not unless he picks up his pace even further…

2 thoughts on “Day 154: 10/21/19

  1. Yup something nasty in the air. Ugh
    Anyway, funny how Joe forgets the 3rd one who has outraised him and has almost as much money as Warren to upset him in Iowa. Or do they have a pact of non agression? After all, Biden is the last person I’ve heard call Buttigieg a decent man 😂.
    That being said, I really hope his numbers will go up soon. We like our dear Uncle Joe.


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