Day 151: 10/18/19

Friday was… alarming. Candidates stopped being coy about their negativity and started calling other Democrats out by name. Bernie Sanders, Julian Castro, and Tulsi Gabbard all lashed out with names. John Delaney was at least subtle about it. However, the growling was definitely there.

Yes, Elizabeth Warren did email her donors several more times than her non-donors.

Joe Biden, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren all sent 3 emails on Friday. Michael Bennet, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Tulsi Gabbard, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Joe Sestak, and Andrew Yang all sent 2.

Before we go into the negativity from Friday, it’s worth talking about some of the positive things.

Both debates and fundraising dropped to third priority!

Joe Sestak snapped a tree that had fallen across the road during his walk! He’s also super excited that our donations funded his ad and people all across New Hampshire are telling him they saw it. Michael Bennet is excited about a poll showing him tied with Amy Klobuchar and ahead of Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro (but not excited enough to show me the poll). Andrew Yang finished up his 10-hour question marathon and said it was important that he stays accessible and listens to all Americans.

Someone has a birthday…

Kamala Harris’ birthday is coming up, so her staff offered me a card to sign. Elizabeth Warren, meanwhile, asked me to write in to let her know why I donated (my niece loves her. That’s why.) Warren and Harris also both launched new merch: Harris’ is a t-shirt that says “We the People; She the President” to indicate the importance of using feminine pronouns to normalize women in power, while Warren has crew neck sweatshirts for fall.

Joe Biden continued to be worried about his fundraising, sending the same emails from Thursday but to the opposite accounts, while Marianne Williamson showed an FEC report breakdown indicating she had outraised 7 other candidates, including Senators!

Her campaign manager actually sent this with the heart circle.

The breakdown actually does not include Wayne Messam’s $5, so she actually outraised 8 candidates.

But even with all those emails, there was still a lot of negativity on Friday.

That blue bar is WAY too high.

Honestly, the Democratic negativity has been creeping up all week. I’ve been tempted to talk about it in one of these posts, but then decided I could wait until the week recap. And then Clinton dropped a bomb.

But first, Bernie Sanders. It’s not enough to just beat around the bush anymore, oh no. He sent me an email bright and early in the morning with the subject “Joe Biden” just in case there was any confusion over who he was going to be talking about.

Friends –

Earlier this week, Joe Biden called Medicare for All “ridiculous.” He compared us to Trump. He said we were “trying to con the American people.”

The truth is, it is really sad that Joe Biden is using the talking points of the insurance industry to attack Medicare for All.

Joe must know that we currently spend twice as much per capita on health care as the people of almost any other major country and that we pay, by far, the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs.

He must know that under Medicare for All, funded in a progressive manner, all Americans will have comprehensive health care coverage as a guaranteed human right and, with no premiums, co-payments or out-of-pocket expenses, ordinary Americans will be spending far less for that care than they currently pay.

We knew that we would be taking on Trump and the Republican Party in the fight to guarantee health as a right for every man, woman and child. We knew that we would be taking on the drug companies and the insurance industry.

But I am honestly a bit tired of Democrats who insist on defending a dysfunctional system, a cruel system, that leaves millions uninsured and underinsured and tens of thousands of people dying every single year.

But that is what we are up against — and it is a fight we must win. And I cannot do that alone. So I am asking:

Can you make a $2.70 contribution today to help us win this primary, and as a way of saying that in the richest country in the history of the world, we MUST guarantee health care as a right for ALL of us?

Ours is a campaign with the guts to stand up to the greed and the corruption of the insurance companies and the drug companies whose reckless pursuit of profits is killing Americans. We are going to fight them — not beg them for money.

And if we stand together, we are going to win.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

I’m not sure if it’s occurred to Sanders that other Democrats are tired of him hijacking every conversation and turning it into Medicare for All. In the debates especially, M4A gets more talking time than any other issue–including the world-ending one, climate change!

But it’s not just Sanders. Julian Castro tried to… I’m not really sure what he was trying to do here…

The way we campaign is a reflection of our values.

While some candidates dismiss the power of grassroots support in favor of wealthy donors, I am proud that my campaign has the highest percentage of grassroots donors of any candidate.

I know that the reason so many working folks support my campaign is because I have focused on issues that matter to them.

While other campaigns focused on attacking bold ideas and the frontrunners in the last debate, I was the only one to highlight police violence, the shooting of Atatiana Jefferson, and I was the only candidate to point out the hypocrisy of letting ISIS fighters run free in Syria while keeping innocent children in cages at our southern border.

I was disappointed to hear today that Mayor Buttigieg accepted a maximum donation and planned to attend a fundraiser co-hosted by the former city attorney in Chicago who worked to make sure the public never got to see the footage of police killing 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. I applaud Mayor Buttigieg for returning the contribution, but at a time where police violence remains such a critical issue, it shouldn’t take four months to return such a problematic contribution.

My campaign has always put people first.

When I began this race, I didn’t go to Iowa or New Hampshire, I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to tell our fellow citizens there that, if elected president, I wouldn’t forget them.

I visited the storm drain tunnels under the Las Vegas strip that provide shelter to people struggling with homelesness.

And I crossed the border to Matamoros, Mexico, to see the devastating consequences of Donald Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy.

It’s no secret that my campaign hasn’t raised as much as some of the other campaigns in this race — I’ve refused to accept money from corporate (or any) PACs, and federal lobbyists and I will NOT compromise my principles. This campaign belongs to you and no matter what, I will continue to focus on the issues that matter and the communities that have often been left behind.

Contribute today if you believe in this vision and agree that this is how campaigns should be run:

Julian Castro

He starts off strong, with a statement I agree with: The way we campaign is a reflection of our values.

He then proceeds to rip into Pete Buttigieg for… returning money from a problematic donor because he didn’t do it fast enough.

I’m so confused over this tactic. As soon as the news broke that this man had put an effort in to deny Black Americans transparency in the killing of one of their children, the Buttigieg campaign kicked him out of the fundraiser he was co-hosting, returned his money, and returned all of the money he had helped raise. I don’t think there’s any campaign that individually vets all of their donors, and with over 600,000 individuals, I’d imagine running a background check on each of them would take a lot of time. As an American, it means a lot to me to see my leaders go “This is wrong, let me correct it” when called out. Taking responsibility for missteps and trying to avoid them happening again is a sign of maturity and a strong leader.

So why is Castro saying this is a bad thing?

I will say, I inwardly sigh whenever I see I have an email from Castro. I know it’s going to be hyperbolic and alarmist (and humble). I guess that indicates his values.

Castro also complained about how other Democrats who backed him on not caging children at the border in debate 1 were now backing down and saying things didn’t have to go that far in the most recent debate. I have no idea who he’s talking about: I don’t remember hearing any Democrat say it’s okay to cage children at the most recent debate.

He didn’t call out names. I am genuinely confused.

A bit more specifically, Castro also called out self-funding billionaires buying their spot on the stage. This, I can only presume, was a dig at Tom Steyer.

I have to screencap Castro because quotes aren’t nearly enough.

I’d like to take this moment to remind you what Castro said earlier. “The way we campaign is a reflection of our values.”

But Castro and Sanders weren’t the only ones going negative. John Delaney pointed to the polls saying that if our nominee is too far left, we’ll lose to Trump, and that’s why we need to nominate him.

At least it’s not fluorescent yellow highlight.

I’d like to refer Delaney up to Williamson’s breakdown of the FEC numbers. Even if he’s right and we need a not-far-left candidate, we have plenty of options showing more voter enthusiasm than he is.

Options such as Michael Bennet, who gave a tired bite at the DNC.

The DNC is trying to artificially winnow the field by imposing arbitrary thresholds, but Michael’s been building a true grassroots coalition for change.

Bennet for America

This is the same criticism he’s been leveling at the DNC ever since he didn’t make the debate stage. He could learn a lesson from Tulsi Gabbard, who at least attacks with some fire in her belly.

This is our movement, and your grassroots support is what keeps it growing and strong. But, Aimin we need to pick up the pace. She can only stay in this fight – one that we saw clearly in Tuesday’s debate is rigged against us – with your sustained help. Tulsi needs your support to be able to communicate with the people directly and go around the DNC/corporate media who have shown time and again that they will either ignore or smear her.

Make no mistake: We have our work cut out for us. Running a presidential campaign as an underdog candidate who does not accept PAC money, who faces either blackouts or smears by the corporate media, is expensive. We cannot rest on our laurels when Tulsi faces mounting attacks every day.

It’s going to take all of us, working together, standing up for each other and rising above divisive partisan politics to make sure Tulsi is heard by as many Americans as possible over the coming weeks and months. That her message is able to reach beyond the constraints of 60 second sound bites on a debate stage, the corporate media bias and blackouts, beyond the usual suspects trying to uphold the status quo. That her vision for an America truly of, by and for the people is realized.

Caitlin for TULSI2020

This was morning Tulsi, saying thank you, sharing pictures of her hugging supporters…

And then, like I said, Hillary Clinton went on the podcast of Obama’s former chief of staff and said the Russians had their eye on one of the Democratic candidates.

They’ve got their eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate…

…She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. And that’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she’s also a Russian asset.

Hillary Clinton

Well. Out of the 5 women in the primary, only one of them promptly exploded into a Twitter rage and a vengeful email.

Aloha Friend —

Hillary Clinton just went on David Plouffe’s podcast and accused Tulsi Gabbard — a combat veteran, soldier and Major in the Army National Guard — of being “groomed” to be a “Russian asset”.

Tulsi’s response:

When Tulsi said on that debate stage Tuesday night “when I look out at our country, I do not see deplorables, I see fellow Americans,” she was talking about this. She was standing up to a corrupt party elite that holds exactly this kind of contempt for We, the People.

The utter disdain for the truth — and refusal to face their own failures and hypocrisy — shown by establishment warmongers and their corporate media lackeys is not only insulting, it’s a threat to our democracy. From media blackouts, to baseless smears about Tulsi’s religion and progressive record, to outright despicable attacks by the New York Times, CNN, Neera Tanden and now Hillary Clinton on Tulsi’s loyalty to the country she risked her life to serve: Hillary Clinton and her establishment cronies have their knives out for Tulsi, using her as an example in their campaign to intimidate and silence those who dare to stand up for peace.

We can’t let them win. This outrageous attack is not just on Tulsi, it’s an attack on ALL of US — they are attacking Tulsi because she is calling for an end to the regime change wars and new Cold War that fuel the military industrial complex. If they can do this to Tulsi — a soldier, a veteran and a Congresswoman — they can do this to anyone who stands up for peace.

Don’t let them bully our people-powered movement into silence, friend. Rush a $25 contribution right now so we can put it straight to work in getting Tulsi’s message against the divisive smear merchants in front of as many Americans as possible before the end of the weekend.

PITCH-IN $25 »

Here’s the truth: They are against Tulsi, against us, because they know they can’t control us.

They want a puppet in the White House who will blindly carry out their decades-long failed regime change foreign policy, who will maintain the corrupt and ineffective status quo.

Tulsi is not that candidate. She’s our candidate: The only candidate willing to take on the corrupt DNC elite who cost us the election in 2016. The only candidate who knows the cost of war, and is ready to serve as our commander in chief on Day One.

Will you help Tulsi fight back? She needs our help. Rush a $35 donation — or whatever you can afford right now — before the end of today.

Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s famous words: “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Let’s win this, friend,


I don’t know about you, but this response actually scared me a little. After all her talk of sweetness and ending wars and bringing the country together, and she is a uniter, not a divider… this was full blown banshee screaming with claws out. Holy crap. This is definitely NOT the attitude I want replacing Trump’s tendency to scream and meltdown over unfavorable news.


Oh wait…

They want a puppet in the White House…Tulsi is not that candidate.

Did she seriously try the “NO PUPPET, NO PUPPET, YOU’RE THE PUPPET” defense against Hillary Clinton? Same as the current Russian asset did in 2016?


…oh boy.

2020 is heating up. I’m not sure who’s going to survive.

If email counts are any indication, Joe Biden is nice and strong.

2 thoughts on “Day 151: 10/18/19

  1. As someone who missed the start of Hillary vs Tulsi, I am genuinely surprised that it even exists. I thought Hilary had directly called out Tulsi and so interpreted Tulsi’s response as overblown, but ultimately understandable. But this?? It says a lot more about Tulsi making the assumption the comment was about her than about Hilary or anyone else…


    1. Unfortunately, if you look at Tulsi (voting record, endorsers, who she talks to, etc.), it’s pretty clear that Clinton wasn’t just making idle speculation.

      Even if she was, though, you’re absolutely right. She didn’t call Tulsi out by name, and Tulsi EXPLODED. Though, to be fair, what Tulsi says on stage and what she says in her emails are two VERY different things, as I’ve said before.


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