Day 142: 10/9/19

Wednesday brought about the longest subject line yet from Bernie Sanders, a membership card from Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden finally making an impeachment decision.

This was a big day for Biden.

Joe Biden sent 4 emails on Wednesday, while Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders both only sent 3. Overall, email counts were fairly low.

Still lots of surveys

Despite the low counts, over two-thirds of the emails were still about giving money. A lot of candidates were talking about funding their campaign ads.

Michael Bennet has a new ad that he needs helping keeping up. He’s still convinced that enough people will change to his side to keep him viable if only they knew who he was.

Julian Castro was also needing ad help so he could qualify for the November debate. If he got just 631 more gifts before midnight, he’d be golden.

Kamala Harris needs to hit her $150,000 by debate night fundraising goal so she can play catch-up to the rest of the field. After all, Joe Biden is already launching major ads.

Bernie Sanders also needed money to combat ads. He talked about how there is a seven-figure paid media campaign attacking Medicare for All going on right now (and by extension, that campaign is attacking Sanders).

I’ll admit, I wasn’t really paying attention to the email. I was too distracted by the subject of the email.

Did he… sign his subject?

That subject is 54 words long. Including the signature from Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir.

I read an article that says Sanders might be doing this because long subject lines are more likely to end up in the Primary inbox. Hate to break it to you, Sanders, but this one plopped square in Promotions, just like all the rest of yours. Your email-length subject lines aren’t getting you any edge.

Pete Buttigieg didn’t ask for ad money, but he did ask me again to fill out his survey. Apparently, 28,250 people had already taken it within the first day. I think back of all the times Julian Castro asked for 24,000 recipients to fill out his survey for a representative sample size and can’t help but wonder if he’s gotten the same response rates as Buttigieg… or if Buttigieg’s strategy of not forcing you to donate in order to complete the survey is giving him more data.

I started putting campaign ads under campaign events.

Buttigieg also emailed me as a donor to ask if I’d like to join a training conference call for his grassroots investment team. The first 150 recipients could join his Grassroots Investment Manager Raven Hollins to learn tips, tricks, and other ideas for expanding Pete support.

Amy Klobuchar asked if I could become a monthly sustaining donor. If yes, she would send me, get this, a link to print out a membership card. I guess on the one hand, I wouldn’t have to wait for shipping. On the other hand… I have to print it myself?

Joe Biden sent the longest email on Wednesday. It’s taken him some time, but he’s decided something about the recent Trump and Ukraine scandals.

Donald Trump should be impeached.

I’m trying to come up with a catchier name. They all kind of suck.

Yes, you’re reading that right. It took Joe Biden this long to decide that yes, Trump has committed impeachable offenses and needs to go.

I don’t know if I’m impressed that he remained impartial for so long, or upset that it took him so long to pick a side. He had rather uneasily acquiesced to the need for impeachment inquiries earlier, but he hadn’t actually flat out said that Trump should be impeached.

The thing I find crazy about all of this is that what Trump did that is impeachable was not hidden. The White House released the call in which Trump pressured the Ukranian President. Trump said on live TV that China should investigate Biden. This isn’t some hidden plot that deep state operatives need to uncover. It’s right there! I’m normally one to say “Okay, let the system work, don’t make judgements without all the facts, there could be more to the story we don’t know about…” but this time, I just can’t do that. Did Trump ask a foreign power to interfere in our election? Yes. Twice since he became President. This is an impeachable offense. There doesn’t need to be any more debate.

Although Trump does seem determined that if he’s going to be impeached, he might as well make sure he has the longest articles of impeachment out of any President ever!

But let’s get away from Trump. I want to talk about…

Theirs Too!

Presidential elections aren’t the only important elections, and presidential candidates aren’t the only candidates who can have good (or bad!) emails. If you get any emails that you feel are brilliant, you can forward them to me at I’ll try to highlight ones worth your attention!

Rebecca sent me an email from Stacey Abrams’ voting rights organization Fair Fight. This was a thank you letter after the end of a quarter.

I appreciate the use of purple.

This email isn’t anything exciting or novel, but it is grateful. It says thank you, and it says something more important: their fundraising goal was surpassed.

I was thinking about this the other day as I played with my cat and a laser pointer. Laser pointers make great exercise toys for cats. They’ll chase that red dot, determined to catch it. But they never can catch it. And the thing about a laser pointer is that if you use it too much, the cat can become frustrated and defeated about the uncatchable prey. When using a laser pointer, you should also add in a toy that the cat can catch, so they get the satisfaction of accomplishment.

Fundraising goals are a lot like laser pointers. We can chase and chase, but we need that conclusion to feel good. If a campaign doesn’t let you know that they succeeded (or that they failed), then it’s just an empty question mark hanging in the air. You don’t know if you did good or not good enough… and then here comes another fundraiser. And another. And you never catch any of them. What’s the point, then, of donating to fundraisers?

I feel it’s important that when a campaign does have a fundraiser, they set out a clear goal, and they let you know if and when they meet that goal. Fair Fight did that above. We made our goal. We surpassed it. We set a new donor record!

We caught that red dot. Good for us.

Honestly, I thought we’d have more drop outs this past week.

2 thoughts on “Day 142: 10/9/19

  1. How do a forward you an email that is interesting? Whats your email

    Maggie Goldman

    Georgia Volunteer Lead

    Pete for America campaign 404-804-6405 Atlanta, GA

    On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 7:02 PM But their emails! wrote:

    > Aimin posted: ” Wednesday brought about the longest subject line yet from > Bernie Sanders, a membership card from Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden finally > making an impeachment decision. > EmailsCampaignsTotal4815Non-Donor2515Donor2314 This was a big day for > Biden. ” >


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