Day 140: 10/7/19

Yesterday, in my inbox: John Delaney doesn’t understand the meaning of “a lot,” Elizabeth Warren does understand the meaning of “a lot,” and Julian Castro has a new most important ask ever.

Monday seems calm enough…

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren tied for first on Monday emails with 3 each to their donors. Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, and Andrew Yang all sent 2 each.

Fundraising is back up there again.

Once again, people are all about the fundraising. Bernie Sanders has declared a target on his own back from his fundraising numbers. Amy Klobuchar wants to push for a huge sum of money to chase Trump out of Minnesota. Tim Ryan reassured me that he would make me proud as my President. Michael Bennet needs help keeping his major TV ad running in Iowa. And Joe Sestak started his email with “Woe be the seaman who fails to take precautions” and then asked me to sponsor his precautions for his 100+ mile hike across the state of New Hampshire, such as gloves and boots.

John Delaney apologized. He knows I’ve been getting a lot of emails from him lately, but that’s because he is kicking his campaign into high gear!

Delaney sent me 4 emails last week. That’s less than an email a day. That’s closer to half an email a day. And he thinks that’s a lot? I had to laugh at his idea of “high gear” compared to everyone else’s idea of “high gear.”

Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, is gunning for a lot of contributions. She’s trying to get to 2 million total contributions by… some time. She’d like to start with 136 contributions from Michigan.

Everybody wants my opinion!

Julian Castro has decided the best way to qualify for debates is the Tom Steyer method: throw everything you’ve got into early state ads.

This is the most important ask I’ve ever made of you.

I’m running out of time to secure the polls I need to qualify for the next debates.

I know pollsters are focusing on Iowa — so I’m about to launch my first TV ad there so that every last Democrat hears my story in time.

I won’t lie to you. It’s not cheap.

But I’m throwing every last resource I have into this final push.

Because whether or not I’m in the next debates depends on securing these polls.

When the President attacked me and my family…

When the press counted me out…

When the establishment said I was a longshot…

You had my back. You proved them all wrong. And I refuse to let you down now.

So I’m humbly asking: Will you rush $5 to fund my first Iowa TV ad and help me secure these debate polls in time?  

Julian Castro

Did he mention that he was humbly asking? Again? This marks email number 64 that Castro has sent me with the word “humble” or “humbly” in it.

Castro also asked if I’d host a debate watch part. So did Amy Klobuchar. But really, candidates wanted my opinion on things.

  • Cory Booker wanted to know what I thought was the most important for the debates.
  • Joe Biden wanted my thoughts on his October strategy.
  • Beto O’Rourke wanted to ask me how involved I was with the campaign.
  • John Delaney wanted my opinion on how well his campaign was going.
  • Kamala Harris also wanted debate prep help.
  • and Tom Steyer asked me what he could do to be a good ally to LGBTQI.

Pete Buttigieg, meanwhile, didn’t need me to armchair manage his campaign. He launched a new policy he’s calling Medicine for All, aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Bernie Sanders wanted me to sign my name to get corporate money out of politics. Tom Steyer talked about his People over Profits economic agenda, and Joe Biden was pleased to announce the launch of his Women for Biden branch of his campaign.

And Cory Booker’s friend sent an email talking about how Booker commended him on his bravery in a speech and then told him a truly brave man would shave his head.

This past April, Cory was back in Milwaukee for a gun violence prevention forum. I told the story about my mother and her struggle with depression that ultimately led her to take her own life. I spoke to the lifetime of memories clouded with pain rather than a lifetime of memories of us together.

Cory heard the hurt in my voice as I began to get choked up and told me that I’m one of the bravest people that he knows but if I was really courageous, I would shave my head because I was thinning on top. I chuckled.

And he said it at the moment I needed to hear it. But that night I definitely shaved my head — I took it as a challenge. It’s that kind of humanity that he’s got. To me, he’s not a politician. Cory is just a regular guy who happens to be brilliant. A good human being.

Khary Penebaker, DNC Black Caucus Treasurer, Cory 2020

Some people make bald look good.

Warren is coming up on 300.

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