Day 137: 10/4/19

Friday brought reassurance from Bernie Sanders and new merchandise from Andrew Yang. Kamala Harris‘ fundraising numbers have taken a dip (again), and Joe Biden is engaging in a fear war with Trump.

This… is unusual

Despite the fewer emails overall for a Friday, Kamala Harris still sent out the most emails as everyone else, with 3, but so did Joe Biden and Andrew Yang. Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren all sent 2 emails each.

I’m most familiar with this chart being mostly green.

Bernie Sanders had been hospitalized on Tuesday with chest pains that led to a stent (or multiple stents?) being put in, later being revealed to be treatment for a heart attack. Every single candidate I’m tracking, including Wayne Messam, sent tweets with their well wishes for a speedy recovery and assurances that they knew this wouldn’t keep Sanders down. Sanders himself sent an email on Thursday, at 5:07 PM ET, thanking his non-donors for the well-wishes and reassuring us that he’s okay, but for millions of Americans who don’t have the same quality of health insurance that he does, this would have been a devastating financial blow and that’s why we need Medicare for All.

Interestingly, the donor version of this email (same, except with my name instead of “Friends”) didn’t arrive until 4:30 AM ET on Friday. I’m not sure what caused the delay.

Also noteworthy, perhaps, is that Andrew Yang is now addressing me as “Yang Gang” in both donor and non-donor emails and has been for a while. He changed from the more generic “Friend” shortly after I said that I’d rather be called Yang Gang if he’s not going to personalize his emails because in a political email, Friend means “I don’t know your name” (and it reads as very rude when he DOES have my name, and it’s an automated process to do a mail merge).

Not saying that I triggered a change in his emails, but the timing was coincidental… 😉

ANYWAY. Speaking of Yang, he’s announced collaborations with artists across the country for his merchandise. The first artist he’s collaborating with is a 10-year-old girl named Fiona G.

I have to say, I’m impressed by this girl’s artist chops. And now she has a presidential campaign on her resume. And she’s ten. Well done, Fiona G!

While Yang was celebrating his new artist, he was also groaning over the media leaving him out of the news cycle again.

Yang announced his total before Biden, and it’s more than Booker.

There was an MSNBC graphic that also left Yang off, however MSNBC explained that the art had been made before they had Yang’s numbers and it was updated after they had Yang’s numbers, but it was shown before it was updated because of the speed of the news cycle. Okay. People making art are still people. But this graphic?

Andrew Yang is on the October debate stage.

He brought in $10 million in Q3.

He is regularly polling around 6th place among the nearly 20 contenders.

He is a serious candidate.

I do not understand why this is so hard for the major news networks to accept. I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories about “mainstream media,” but this is utterly ridiculous. It’s not a one-off mistake. It’s not the first time. It’s not the first time they’ve been called out on it.

Yang’s campaign manager decided to laugh this off and declared that next quarter, they’ll raise $20 million so they’re taken seriously, but geez. What is going on?

The debates are just 11 days away!

It’s four days into the fourth quarter, which means it’s time to fundraise again! Unfortunately. Cory Booker hates it too.

I wish that we could take a break from raising money after our end-of-quarter push, but unfortunately, the reality is different. We’re going to need to ramp our fundraising even further in the months ahead to compete with the likes of Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg.

In the spirit of radical transparency, I’m telling you right now that $3 million is what we believe we need to raise in October to continue scaling up.

Cory Booker

I do have to say, Booker is the one candidate who doesn’t seem scared to mention his fellow candidates. Occasionally, they’ll slam one other candidate, but Booker frequently says “hey, here’s where these guys are, and I want to catch up to them! You can help by XYZ!” (usually “give me money”).

Kamala Harris is unapologetic.

Kamala is on the road this week, and next week she’ll be headed to the next presidential debate, so we need to get to work now:

We had an amazing fundraising quarter. At HQ, we’re so thankful for your incredible support throughout this campaign. But I’ll be honest: In the days since we started a new quarter, our numbers have taken a bigger dip than we anticipated.

With the October debate approaching quickly, we need to be in a stronger position than we are in now right. Will you pitch in today to get us on track again?

Juan Rodgriuez, Campaign Manager, Kamala 2020

Yeah, that name typo was in the email. I checked other emails, and it doesn’t look like it’s wrong in other signatures, so… not sure what went wrong there.

Anyway, looking at the content of what Rodriguez said: numbers have taken a dip in October.

Except her numbers also took a dip in September.

And August.

And July.

The problem with fundraising using the strategy of “help, my numbers have dropped, will you pick them up for me?” is that if you keep using them… it says your numbers are on a consistent downward trajectory. That then creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. People like backing winners. Dropping numbers =/= a winner. People don’t back Harris as much. Harris’ numbers drop more.

That’s why Booker’s “radical transparency” is so radical. He laid it out, “I don’t have the numbers.” He hoped people would pick him up instead of letting him fall, and they did.

Now that Booker’s done radical transparency, though, if anyone else does… it’s just bandwagonning.

Good thing Joe Biden doesn’t believe in that. He’s chosen to forge his own path… by both making us scared of Donald Trump and making us scare him. In two separate emails, he started with the fear:

Oh no! Trump is attacking!

But then he follows up with why even though Trump is doing this horrible thing we should be scared of, really he is the one to be scared!

Let’s make a geriatric man have a full-blown panic!

Biden is trying to argue that Trump is both someone we need to be scared of and someone we need to make scared of us. The constant rhetorical shifting is as exhausting as one of Julian Castro’s emotional yo-yoing.

Speaking of Castro…

I need you to know three critical things:

1. I need to stand out in four major polls to officially qualify for the next debates.

2. I won’t meet this requirement unless I can launch an aggressive new wave of ads ASAP to spread my message.

3. But these ads are incredibly expensive — I need your help to fund them in time.

I wouldn’t ask if my spot on that debate stage wasn’t relying on it:

Could you spare $5 to fund my ads? It’ll take 2,437 gifts before midnight.

Julian Castro

At $5 each, 2,437 gifts will bring him up to about $12,000. It’s concerning for his campaign if he doesn’t have that money right now.

I don’t know how much Castro has. He hasn’t mentioned his Q3 totals…

How many total emails before this primary is over?

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