Day 136: 10/3/19

Marianne Williamson offered up a sticker with a donation, and Cory Booker released a policy that was surprisingly similar. I wonder if they coordinated. Joe Biden experimented with the Minuscule Email, and Beto O’Rourke has decided that you shouldn’t campaign based on polls.

Hello, Harris. I’ve missed you in the lead.

At 3 emails to her non-donors, Kamala Harris has leapt out into the front of the email pack again. Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren all trailed behind with 2 emails.

I may need to add a category for RSVPs as the primary continues.

Pete Buttigieg reminded me he was opening an office nearby and to RSVP for it, which went into the “Other” ask bucket. I did go to his office opening (trying to hit every campaign’s events that I can reach without taking excessive time off work) and live-tweeted it. I won’t be doing a write-up about it, though, as there wasn’t much substance to it beyond the pictures. I did learn that Chasten Buttigieg has better handwriting than his lefty spouse: I can actually read his signature!

Marianne Williamson brought out the big guns with her newest governmental department.

One of the reasons I am running for president is because America has a humanitarian emergency: millions of our children live with chronic trauma. This bodes ill not only for their own futures but for our country’s future. We should rescue them no differently than if they were victims of a natural disaster.

An area where we are failing our children terribly is in the area of online child abuse. Protecting our children should be a national priority, yet among other things, the United States is number two in the world for hosting child pornography websites.

In the last year alone, tech companies reported 45 million impressions of online sexual and violent abuse against children. Our federal authorities know about it, yet only half the $60 million appropriated to stop it has been allocated to the effort. Without proper funding, efforts are limited and stymied. 

Children have no capacity to defend themselves from abuse; it’s our moral and civic responsibility to do for them what they can’t do for themselves. The fight against online abuse of children should be properly funded and vigorously pursued. When I am president, it will be.

From sex trafficking to online abuse, from poverty to child hunger, from educational inadequacies to mental health issues, we need a US Department of Children and Youth to adequately coordinate efforts to raise up and protect our children. Nothing will more fundamentally disrupt the status quo and release the future to new possibilities than a radical realignment of investment in their good. 

Right now, the United States is moving in the opposite direction. Please join with me and let’s turn this ship around.

Marianne Williamson

Williamson is also offering a free Department of Children & Youth sticker if you donate, and she has a video to watch, if you’re interested.

Why are all her departments sort of pastel?

Cory Booker also released a child-focused policy. His is to end child poverty.

As president, I will make it a priority to take action on behalf of our most vulnerable children and families. When it comes to child poverty, we cannot be silent.

This is personal to me, friend. My dad was born poor. He grew up in a small, segregated town in the mountains of North Carolina to a family that couldn’t care for him.

It was another local family that took him in and put a roof over his head. And later, members of his community helped pay tuition for his first semester of college.

They opened doors that he never even knew existed: he got a good job and worked hard, and moved his family from poverty to the middle class within the span of a single generation.

I believe we must show that same generosity and path to opportunity for all children living in America.

Today, I released a comprehensive new plan that would cut child poverty in America by nearly two-thirds. I believe that we can get this done. My plan proposes more than a dozen big ideas to lift kids and families out of poverty, including:

* Creating a “child allowance” for families with kids by expanding the Child Tax Credit to provide families with a $300 monthly allowance for younger kids and a $250 monthly allowance for older kids up to age 18.

* Eliminating child hunger by increasing the maximum SNAP benefit. My plan would also relieve all school lunch debt and fight for universal free school lunch — because no child should go hungry at school.

* Supporting low-income working families through affordable child care by fighting for legislation to make a sweeping federal investment in high quality child care so it’s affordable for all working families.

If you share my belief that we have a moral imperative to end child poverty, add your name here.

To my disappointment, these are issues that we haven’t been hearing about on the campaign trail this year. My plan is the first in this field to lay out a comprehensive vision for strengthening the federal safety net and ending child poverty.

Sign your name if you think it’s time that we treat this issue with the attention and urgency it deserves.

In the richest country in the world, we have a moral responsibility to look after each other and make sure that every child has the opportunity to grow and thrive.

Cory Booker

Booker wasn’t the only candidate talking about policies yesterday.

Look at that variety!

Elizabeth Warren wanted to talk about how much Zuckerberg hated her plan to break up big tech, and she suggested I donate to make sure it happened. And Steve Bullock wants to ban elected officials from fundraising for the first half of their term.

Steve included a .GIF

Marianne Williamson did also provide a fundraising update for Q3.

She suggested I download and share this graphic.

I get the first number, but the second number confuses me a bit. Not the number so much as what is underneath it. Does she mean to say that in total, she’s doubled the amount of the highest amount she’s raised? Like, Q3 = Q1+Q2? I think that’s what she means.

There really shouldn’t be confusion over a graphic you’re suggesting people share.

Joe Biden didn’t have any confusion in his email at all. His subject read: ” Today the President of the United States, on camera, urged foreign powers to investigate Joe. If you’re fired up to unseat Donald Trump with leadership that respects our Constitution…”

His actual email was short.

Biden isn’t the first to try this minuscule email with nothing more than a link. The problem is his subject line was so long that I couldn’t read the entire subject before I clicked open the email. It made things a little more confusing than when Bernie Sanders or John Delaney tried the minuscule email.

Beto O’Rourke went for a short email. Not a minuscule one, just a normal short one.

Subject: We can’t triangulate our way to victory

I don’t really know what to think of O’Rourke these days. I feel like he fell off the fine line between impassioned and bitter that he had done such a great job walking before. He’s angry, but instead of fighting for good, it just feels like he’s fighting. I really wish he’d take a moment and take a breath and reconnect with what made him the charming Texan America fell in love with in the first place.

On a somewhat different note, I’ve decided to try something new!

Theirs Too!

Presidential elections aren’t the only important elections, and presidential candidates aren’t the only candidates who can have good (or bad!) emails. If you get any emails that you feel are brilliant, you can forward them to me at I’ll try to highlight ones worth your attention!

Today, I want to focus on an email from Danica Roem, member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Rebecca sent me an email from Roem that expressed gratitude and also provided information. Instead of just treating Rebecca like a purse, Roem talked to her like a person.

Dear Rebecca,

This week is only halfway through and it’s already been a whirlwind. That’s why I wanted to just pause for a moment to share my genuine gratitude — for my constituents who attended my Route 28 public hearing Monday and for all of you who contributed to our campaign before the fundraising deadline that same night (which happened to be my 35th birthday).

At the public hearing I co-hosted with the Virginia Department of Transportation, 99 folks from across the community as well as a number of transportation officials, elected leaders and other civil servants joined me at the Manassas Park Community Center to offer feedback about how we can make our commutes along Route 28 quicker and safer through Yorkshire.

The public hearing was the first step toward VDOT administratively implementing my legislation HJ 68 (2018) and HB 2466 (2019) after I’ve worked with them for the last 22 months to bring this corridor study to light. The next meeting on Nov. 20 will incorporate the feedback we received at the meeting as well as what the people of Prince William County, Manassas Park and Manassas recommend through Oct. 7 by filling out an online survey.

So while I was taking care of the work the people of the 13th District elected me to do in the first place, our supporters kept the campaign humming with an incredible showing. Not only did we crush our fundraising goal for the day but we put up our best showing for any reporting period — let alone a single month — since October 2017.

You understand just how close this race could be next month and you took the time to offer your support. I’m grateful to have you on my side.

Election Day is coming up quickly and I could use your help. Please tell your friends and family throughout Virginia that Election Day is this November 5 and to start planning for how they will vote on that Tuesday. We need to win my race AND elect Democratic majorities to the Virginia House of Delegates and state Senate (while taking care of our local candidates for Board of County Supervisors, School Board, Soil and Water Conservation District and other offices too!). 

Thanks again for your support! I’ll be in touch soon for more ways you can help between now and Election Day. Let’s go win!

With gratitude,

Danica Roem

This is a great example of how to say thank you. It’s explaining what Roem’s been up to to fight for Rebecca’s interests.

Just the fact that Rebecca reached out to me and asked if I could do something with this email indicates how Roem has built a relationship with her mailing list. If you’re one of her constituents, this email from Roem is worth reading. It has some information and reminders, in addition to the donation button at the end, after the signature. (Click the link to donate to Danica Roem for Virginia House of Delegates distract 13!)

Candidates, pay attention! Talk to your mailing list like they’re people, and they might actually pay you!

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