Day 135: 10/2/19

Campaigns are apparently large, lumbering machines that take a lot of effort to restart. After a hard quarter of fundraising, they took a breather on Tuesday, but many of them continued to rest on Wednesday as well. However, Amy Klobuchar sprung back into action with a new contest, and Steve Bullock seems content to live in his own little world. Joe Biden remembered Trump was still a thing, and so did Kamala Harris.

The numbers are beginning to climb once more.

Amy Klobuchar stepped out to lead the pack with a whopping 3 emails on Wednesday, while Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, and Elizabeth Warren snapped out 2 apiece.

And we’re already above 50% donate again.

Of Klobuchar’s 3 emails, her first was to say thank you.

Thank you and “can I count on your support?”

Yes, that’s right, day 2 of Q4 and everyone is launching back into fundraising mode.

Cory Booker sent his weekly update email asking for support. Elizabeth Warren included donation buttons when she announced her new merchandise line. Steve Bullock declared he was still the Republicans’ biggest nightmare…

I think any of our Democrats would “wipe out” Trump in the general election at this rate.

Bullock is continuing to insist that despite the way Trump is desperately trying to smear Joe Biden, the truth is that he is the one Trump is scared of. He is so scary that Trump is not mentioning him at all, or focusing on him, or putting any energy toward him… we’ve got nicknames for so many of the other candidates, but nothing for Bullock. I really don’t know where Bullock is getting his evidence that he is the true terror in the night for the Republicans.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, wants me to sign a letter to Trump asking him not to bend to the NRA.

I didn’t sign it.

Like Tom Steyer’s ads on Fox and Friends… how will this help, I ask? How will this do anything other than cheer Trump up by showing him how much power he has over us? Trump has proved, over and over again, that he cannot be shamed. He cannot be guilted. He can only be swayed by money and power and maybe a beautiful woman to fondle. It would be far more likely to go “Mr. Trump, if you get us universal background checks, the American people will stand in unison and applaud you for 60 seconds straight.”

That might actually work.

Kamala Harris is also trying to stay relevant by fighting Trump wherever she can. Biden is getting all the news coverage with the Ukraine story, so she needs to become a player in the Ukraine story too.

Now, part of this is her doing her job as a Senator. But I have no doubts that a large part of this is campaign strategy to keep her in the talking points.

Provoke Trump into swinging, then raise money off his attack. That’s the Democratic Way™

Trump and Twitter is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, it’s a megaphone for him to incite hate and aggression among his supporters. On the other… he’s handing us evidence every day of his crimes. Still, I think he should be held to the Terms of Service just like anyone else.

No one is above the law. Or the fine print.

Fundraising is also referring to emails thanking me for their fundraising.

Speaking of the fine print, it’s debate contest season! Kamala Harris’ debate contest already closed, but Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, and Pete Buttigieg are all offering tickets chances in exchange for a donation. Pick your favorite and throw them a dollar… or donate to all of them to maximize your chances!

Elizabeth Warren has tied with Tim Ryan.

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