Days 131 and 132: 9/28/19-9/29/19

This was not the busiest weekend of the race. The end of Q2 still holds the record for most emails over 2 days with 195, and that was before I was fully into all of the donor mailing lists.

Still, as many of your inboxes can attest, it was a crazy weekend.

A three-way tie for first here is not a good thing.

The naughty list over the weekend is full of Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren, each of whom sent out 10 emails in 2 days. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders looked positively restrained at only 8 emails each. By contrast, Michael Bennet has given up almost completely on attracting new donors, sending just 1 email to his non-donor mailing list. He sent 6 emails to his previous-donors list.

Bennet is high on my list for “next to drop out.”

Petition and Watch also had 2 emails each.

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this chart. Merch asks, after all, count as donation asks too.

Pete Buttigieg started of the merch over the weekend with his new “Rules of the Road” t-shirt.

He also suggested his BOOT EDGE EDGE tote and PETE cap.

The Buttigieg RotR is one of my favorite things about the campaigns. It’s a set of behavioral guidelines for all his staff and voluntarily offered to his supporters. Supporters of Buttigieg have used them as a guidebook and a mantra and are consistently the sweetest political group I have encountered online (including the saccharine Marianne Williamson fans). For the donor version, he included a merchandise discount code of “YOURULE.” Thanks, Buttigieg.

(Merch suggestion: button/sticker/bookmark set where each rule is separated and has a cute picture made by your top notch graphics team)

Elizabeth Warren came out swinging hard with her merch, a new sticker, free with donation.

Close enough to “Elizabeth.”

It was much closer to an ELIZABETH sticker than her two-cent one, so I donated to get it for my niece. Though she didn’t advertise it, her merch shop quietly added new items, including CAMPAIGN PENS.

I’m sorely tempted. Now there are two campaigns offering me pens.

Most of the merch offers over the weekend were for Warren’s stickers, though Andrew Yang didn’t want to be left out of the fun. He launched some new, exclusive merch.

Yep. This is a thing.

This is not a “donate anything and get a special hat!” Oh no. Like all Yang “rewards” for his early investors or special supporters (remember his debate buttons or his “first 130,000 donors coin), it’s something you have to buy.

The cost of this flag-covered, gold-thread-embroidered MATH hat (and early investor card)? Only $75!

Still available, too!

At what point does a campaign become a parody of itself?

When I saw this hat, I honestly thought it was something from Trump’s store. Gold embroidery? All those American flags? That high school picture?

I don’t know what life is like in your corner of the country (or the world, hi international readers!), but where I live, if you have the American flag as decoration on more than just a flag at your house (or on the fourth of July), you’re almost definitely a Republican. Their veneration of the flag is… borderline obscene. Please don’t picture Trump humping it.

I am American. I love my country’s ideals. A small lapel pin? Classy. The underside of a hat brim stuffed full of so many flags you can’t even see one full flag? Not so much.

Okay, okay, enough harping on Yang’s questionable merchandise choices. It’s not being very Respectful from Buttigieg’s Rules (but one could argue it is being Truth.)

Buttigieg also sent me the only Other request of the weekend, asking if I could RSVP to his campaign office opening in South Bend on Thursday.

Of course I’ll be there. WITH MY NOTEBOOK! (no guarantee of a write-up.)

(There will probably be a write-up.)

Woooooow. Fundraising. Who’d’a thunk?

Buttigieg also joined Kamala Harris in inviting me to the debate. Donate anything and I could win tickets to be with one or the other of them!

Elizabeth Warren emailed to invite me to some online training classes for Knocktober, to teach me how to canvass for her (and to teach me how to teach friends to canvass for her).

Bernie Sanders grumbled a lot about he hated asking people for money, but he had to. So did Andrew Yang. Beto O’Rourke gave me some campaign updates, including pictures of where he’s been as he tries to unite this divided country.

Tim Ryan did the unthinkable. He asked me to help Jeanne Shaheen get re-elected to the Senate in New Hampshire by donating… but he didn’t ask me to split the donation. I even clicked his donate button to confirm: nope, it’s just a straight donation to Shaheen.

Ryan is also on my shortlist of “next to go.”

Beto O’Rourke also started to fret about Joe Biden’s potential super PAC, while Cory Booker and Tulsi Gabbard both promised to make some calls to contact donors (Gabbard was going to set aside a whole hour for FaceTiming people! [so much for donors who don’t have Apple products]).

Marianne Williamson is still in the race and still sure she’s doing well. She managed to get a former U.S. Congressman to be her New Hampshire State Director. He implored me to donate so we could elect her as our Healer-in-Chief.

The basic takeaways from this weekend are that everyone is behind on their goal (except maybe no longer Buttigieg), Joe Biden needs my support (and might be forming a super PAC), I should never bet against Kamala Harris or the U.S.A., and Trump raised a ton of money and I need to donate to everyone (but especially Biden) to keep him from laughing at our attempts.

Yeah. It’s been a long weekend.

Kamala Harris may break 300 emails before this quarter is over.

5 thoughts on “Days 131 and 132: 9/28/19-9/29/19

  1. A 75$ cap????

    I remember this article drom Slate or another leftie website : if the Democrats had a Trump, would they vote for him? Seen the rise of Yang, the answer could be an astonishing and scary yes. I mean, 75$?????? An early investor card? Gosh

    Ok ok, these thoughts are not very ROTR, but come on!

    Can’t wait for the end of this quarter! I miss the thoughtful mails like the ones by Sestak and Buttigieg from last time.


  2. The $75 isn’t all about the cap, it’s about the donation and a cap included more like. All merch goes to the fundrasining total so it’s more for that than straight charging that much for a hat.


    1. It is, but it isn’t. It’s a merchandise shop, where you buy merchandise to fund a campaign. The merchandise will be overpriced because it is funding a campaign, but it shouldn’t be overpriced to the point of ridiculousness. Why can’t you buy the hat for $25 and make a voluntary $50 donation? Because it’s about buying the exclusive hat and getting the exclusive card.


      1. Yeah he has his regular MATH hat for $35 so if people want that one it is more reasonable. People know it’s overpriced but the ones who would buy it are the ones who’d donate larger amounts anyways, I don’t think it was targeted at the average supporter. From what I’ve seen on Yang’s subreddit his supporters loved the limited edition hat. These are the same people who like all the “early investor” label things and hardcore supporters, which is who he would be targeting with this hat. But it is about the exclusivity.


      2. The exclusivity of these special things frustrate me. For example, I was one of his first 130,000 donors. However, to get the coin *saying *I’m one of his first donors, I have to give him more money. He also has no explanation of MATH anywhere on his site that I could find, so it’s an “inside joke” among those “in the know.”

        It’s just… why do I want to have a President who clearly has an in-group? I want a President whose in-group is *the entire country*.

        It frustrates me too, btw, when other candidates do things like “hey, donate now and you’ll get a membership card!” I already donated. Don’t I count? Why do I have to give AGAIN to get the thing that said I already gave?

        Inslee, Klobuchar, and Biden all did this, off the top of my head, and I believe I called them out whenever they did. However, Yang is the only one doing it over the weekend, and the other three would give you the membership thing for an extra dollar, not $75.

        On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 10:35 AM But their emails! wrote:



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