Day 129: 9/26/19

Thursday’s political emails hit a new milestone, something that had never happened before.

Every single email had exactly the same ask.

Even Amy O’Rourke, writing on behalf of her husband, Beto O’Rourke, who had the opportunity to shake things up by asking for a birthday signature for her husband, instead chose the exact same ask as everyone else.

A few interesting notes here.

Kamala Harris is still powering ahead at 5 emails a day, though Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have both picked up their paces to try to catch her, sending 4 emails each. Michael Bennet slammed all 3 of his emails into my donor inbox, while Pete Buttigieg was leaning heavily on my non-donor inbox with his 3. Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders also sent 3 emails each, though they both had a more even spread.

I could not believe this was right at first.

They all wanted money.

Every. Single. Campaign. 100% Donation asks. No “sign this card because it’s Beto O’Rourke’s birthday.” No “watch this video.” No “sign this petition.” No, it was all money, all day.

Different amounts of money, but still…

The above chart shows their AVERAGE goals across all the emails sent. For instance, Andrew Yang has an end-of-quarter goal of $1.5 million, but he didn’t mention it in every email, therefore his average goal is lowered.

Tom Steyer set an ambitious goal.

FEC reports help the media and the public gauge just how much grassroots support a candidate has. That’s why this campaign has a big goal before then: 2,500 new donors investing in Tom 2020.

Team Tom

I think just about everyone else’s goals laughed Steyer’s out of the water.

Elizabeth Warren has two donor goals, one for total donations (100,000) that she asks of her existing donors, and one for new donors (25,000) that she asks of her non-donors. Regardless of which one she’s asking for, the amount of donors from my state that she needs is still coincidentally the same.

Cory Booker needs $1.7 million to stay in the race, and he says he’s doing pretty well. Well enough to worry about getting the 165,000 donors he would need to be on the November debate stage, at least.

Julian Castro, meanwhile…

Raise your hand if you’re buying his sob story.

Personally, I get the feeling that Castro lives for moments like this one, where he can paint himself as the underdog and wallow in his misery to get us to pity him and help him back up.

Castro isn’t the only one trying to tug on the emotional heartstrings to open our purses.

Email subject: Imagine if this happened to you

Thing is… many of us can imagine it. We can imagine Trump lying about our families, our race, our friends. We know what it feels like for Trump to attack us. Maybe not personally, but we still know.

Some of us were murdered because of Trump’s lies.

What Trump is doing is horrible, but I hate watching Biden wallow in it as well. Like Castro, he’s moaning and groaning and making a scene and checking with one eye cracked open to see if we’ll pay him for it. As I mentioned yesterday, none of the other candidates are focusing on this part of the story. If Biden wants to get it out of the media, he needs to stop focusing on it too.

From a different Biden email

Of course, it’s scary to see how much money Trump is raising, but look at the Dem field. Combine them all together to see how much the Dems are raising. We haven’t coalesced on one candidate like they have… but imagine what will happen if Trump does end up impeached. Or better yet, actually removed. All of the groundwork the GOP laid out for Trump running again in 2020 will be for naught. So don’t focus on HIM, Democratic candidates! Focus on yourselves! Focus on us!

Pete Buttigieg certainly is doing as much by offering up his version of the Grassroots Donor Wall. Like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Cory Booker before him, Buttigieg is offering to slap the names of his supporters on the walls of his campaign offices across Iowa and New Hampshire, at least. However, he did make a distinction, adding that he would be putting up the names of people who supported the campaign both by donations and by volunteering.

Beto O’Rourke sent a light-hearted email about his fundraising status. They have no idea if they’re going to hit their goal: at the moment, they’re behind, but there’s always a huge surge right at the end. While they’re crossing their fingers, they’ve also set up a Goal Pole in El Paso.

If only they were live-streaming the pole.
Even Trump has faded from the emails.

Kamala Harris has started her debate contest early, the first of the candidates on the October stage to offer up the standard two tickets to the debate for the low low cost of a donation of any amount (though she suggests $10, or $20, or $50). Her emails are still strained and nervous: she’s not on track. Maybe she’s hoping the debate incentive will push her over the top.

Finally, Tulsi Gabbard has inserted herself back into the story. After qualifying for the October debates (and CNN confirmed: one night only, 12 candidates), she’s giving me a choice on what headline will be written the first week of October.

I pick C, neither

She is really leaning hard on this quarter’s fundraising telling the story of the entire campaign.

Will we be able to tell our kids, our nieces and nephews, and our grandkids that we were part of the American comeback story of a candidate who — against all odds — proved that we the people can buck the status quo, go up against the establishment, and win? Or will Tulsi be relegated to history’s long list of warriors who dared to take on corrupt politicians and the rich and powerful elite only to get shut out? This is the story of our campaign — a campaign of, by and for the people — and we get to write it.

The TULSI2020 campaign team

I don’t think I’d tell my descendants which candidate I was backing in Q3 of 2019. I’d probably just tell them how crazy Trump’s administration was.

I did notice, though, that Tulsi changed her logo in her emails.

In fact, it looks like she’s updated her entire website. She’s removed the setting sun gradient from her name (a lot of people were confused by that, wondering why she didn’t go for the colors of a rising sun instead, to convey hope), and her website is much less RED than it was originally. Maybe she’s realizing that setting suns and red branding were only lending weight to the negative rumors swirling around her campaign. She’s instead gone the Joe Biden route: don’t say you’re running for President, just declare that it’s already yours.

Marianne Williamson still hasn’t crested 100 yet!

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