Days 117 and 118: 9/14/19-9/15/19

Over the weekend, Elizabeth Warren pushed her stickers. Pete Buttigieg pushed his stickers. And Joe Biden pushed his stickers.

A new challenger has appeared!

After being overshadowed for so long, Joe Biden stepped forth with a whopping 8 emails over the weekend, pushing aside Kamala Harris, who only managed 7. Both Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren were also vying for the lead, sending 6 emails apiece, while John Delaney took a rest.

Nothing jumped out here.

The emails were pretty evenly split between Saturday and Sunday, as per usual. Saturday had a touch more activity, but not much.

Debates are falling behind.

With Sunday being the 15th of the month, those campaigns who love their goals set about blasting me with critical mid-month fundraising deadline emails. Those who weren’t quite so insane with their goals took the weekend to fill me in on what they’d been up to.

Joe Sestak, for example, talked about why he’d gotten into politics: his young daughter, Alex, had brain cancer. His military health insurance was able to cover her procedures and save her life, but he witnessed another family with a son about the same age who was having to decide whether or not to go through with the life-saving treatments that their insurance didn’t cover and they couldn’t afford. Sestak decided he would fight for everyone to have access to the same level of health care that he was lucky enough to have. He also talked about how he was trained to use guns and felt it was important we fight against the gun violence epidemic.

Beto O’Rourke was wrestling with death threats from Republicans, as Briscoe Cain told him his AR-15 was waiting for O’Rourke. O’Rourke was using this as a chance to fundraise both for himself and for Cain’s opposition.

Joe Biden sent an email about the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, talking about a moment so stark they divided what came before and what came after. Sunday had been the 56th anniversary of the bombing. Unfortunately for Biden, fewer and fewer people have the “where I was…” story about that church bombing these days. It is still a tragedy that should never be forgotten… but 9/11 is a much more topical stark divide that would resonate with the entire voter base instead of just those 60+.

Tim Ryan’s mother wrote to me to let me know why her son deserved to be on the next debate stage. While part of me can appreciate that family members are supportive of candidate, I always feel a little… weird. I really don’t care that Ryan’s mother thinks he’s amazing. Nor do I care that Julian Castro’s mother does, or Cory Booker’s mother. And why is it always the mothers endorsing their sons? Why don’t any fathers ever endorse their kids? Why don’t the female candidates have parental endorsements?

Really, I think familial endorsements should be reserved to partners (as they will be part of the future first family) and maybe other politically-active close family, but even that has me iffy. For example, Joaquin Castro is a U.S. Representative. It makes sense that he would endorse a candidate and stump for him. It just feels a little cheap that he’s doing it for his twin brother. Still, his opinion is a bit more valued than his mother’s, because he has political involvement.

Money and Merch and Birthday Cards!

Monday marks Julian Castro’s 45th birthday, so his campaign sent an email asking me to sign his card. After all, he’s been so busy he probably forgot about his birthday, which is the great thing about it! It’ll come as a complete surprise!

Somehow, I doubt that, but okay.

Elizabeth Warren was really pushing her Two Cent sticker this weekend. Any donation, she kept assuring me, could get me her new sticker!

I asked my niece if she wanted it. She wasn’t interested enough to even look.

In addition to her sticker, Warren also advertised her new quote t-shirts, which had been commissioned from three phenomenal hand-lettering artists. Not only did she say that, but she also included information about each of the artists. I was very impressed with her willingness to give credit to the ladies involved.

Pete Buttigieg was also pushing his Team Pete sticker. He sent out an email apologizing for some broken links in an earlier email, and he explained what it meant to be a supporter of his.

I had to add a link there, because the GIF was pointing at one…

Joe Biden offered the third sticker of the weekend. While both Warren and Buttigieg said I could donate anything, Biden also said I could donate anything… but most people gave $7. It was, after all, his best sticker yet.

I don’t know if it’s a $7 sticker though.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders was still pushing for his 1 million donors. Only, he’s not offering me a place on his wall anymore. I guess that really didn’t work out for him.

Steve Bullock reminded me that a GOP insider says that Bullock is the only one they’re scared of, and that he’d wipe the floor with Trump.

I’d like to remind Bullock that Republicans lie, and I’d take such a statement with a huge grain of salt. How did you hear about it, anyway? Maybe they leaked it to try to get you up there because you’re one they’re not scared of. Ever think of that, Bullock?

After all, Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar both keep claiming that they’re the one the Republicans/Trump’s advisors are scared of.

Joe Biden is now tied with Tim Ryan!

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