Day 116: 9/13/19

The day after the debate is an important time for campaigns to smooth over any flubs, repeat their important points, and remind everyone of their name.

Julian Castro and Joe Biden both wanted to talk about a big conflict they had and explain why they came out on top. Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg repeated what they felt were their strongest moments. And just about everyone claimed they were the winners.

We are returning to normalcy.

At 5 emails, Kamala Harris said she was coming off the debates strong, but it felt like more of the same desperate pleas for money. Cory Booker’s 4 emails were far more triumphant. Clearly, he was enjoying his day after. Joe Biden and Julian Castro both had 3 emails each to set the record straight, as did Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.

Interestingly, Bernie Sanders only sent 1 email on Friday, even though he hadn’t sent any emails after the debate concluded on Thursday.

This will take a couple days to settle back down.

Not interestingly, everyone was talking about the debate. People who weren’t in the debates were talking about the debates. Marianne Williamson repeated that her voice had been missing. Joe Sestak expressed concern over the lack of foreign policy experience shown on stage (remember, he’s a retired admiral and served Clinton, he’s totally got foreign policy on lock!). Michael Bennet made sure to remind me that nothing that’s been happening in politics has been normal and he is the key to returning to normalcy.

John Delaney ignored the debates completely to remind me that he was going to be in MSNBC’s climate change forum.

The one who impressed me the most was Tim Ryan. After listening to the Bennets and the Bullocks complaining about the arbitrary rules blocking them from the debate, Ryan has been a breath of fresh air. He acknowledged he didn’t make it, but he never said that was because the deck was stacked against him or because the DNC has something against U.S. House Representatives.

I’m in this race to fight for you, team.

Your kids deserve to go to a good public school, you deserve to have a job that puts food on the table, and you deserve a president that doesn’t make you afraid to check the news.

I have been on the ground talking to voters face-to-face about my vision for America as we push to make the next debate.

Your support helps us reach those voters. Can you give just $3 so that my common sense message can go further?

In politics, like in life, there’s no substitute for hard work. I’m putting in old-fashioned work on the campaign trail — and people are taking notice.

Everywhere I go, voters are asking how they can get involved in our movement. Our moment is coming, folks, we just need to keep working.

Tim Ryan

I really don’t think his movement is coming, but I appreciate that he’s not throwing the blame on anyone other than himself. He’s just going to put in the work to keep going forward. Even during the debates, he had a good attitude: While they’re up there bickering, I’m talking to YOU.

Less good attitudes came from Joe Biden and Julian Castro. At the debate, Castro took a hard swing at Biden for something he had said (Biden said if you lost your health insurance, you would automatically buy in to his plan. Castro said unlike Biden’s, his plan was automatic and didn’t have a buy-in. Biden said he didn’t say you had to buy in. Castro asked Biden if he’d forgotten what he said two minutes ago. Repeatedly. While Biden did say the words “buy in,” he also said the word “automatically,” which makes it very confusing as to what he actually meant. Not good for Biden, but it also meant Castro was hammering him on a technicality misspeak (most likely).)

Castro was almost immediately criticized by the pundits for this swing, and he made sure to explain himself in an email with the subject “RE: Joe Biden”.

I spent every second on last night’s debate stage fighting for you — and now I’m being viciously attacked for it. This is the biggest challenge my campaign has ever faced. I’ve never needed you to have my back with $5 more than I do in this defining moment. >>

I had a critical choice to make on the debate stage last night:

— I could either play it safe and give Vice President Biden a free pass like everyone else. 

— Or I could speak up, challenge the conversation, and demand answers for you and your family.

I’m not in this race to play it safe.

This fight — our fight — is too important to me to stay quiet when what I hear doesn’t add up.

I spent every second on that stage fighting for you — and now I’m being attacked for it.

This is now the biggest obstacle I have ever faced. Can I count on you to take a stand for me with $5? 

Julian Castro

That first paragraph was highlighted in florescent yellow. You know how I feel about that sort of highlighting.

Anyway, let’s talk about the hyperbole in the room. “This is now the biggest obstacle I have ever faced.” It’s a self-made obstacle! You chose this! You chose your tone and your aggression, and you knew attacking the front runner was simultaneously dangerous and the way to get spoken about. But sure. I’m sure your single mother appreciates knowing that being told you were mean for attacking Biden is a bigger obstacle than any of your childhood challenges you’ve ever mentioned growing up. Single mother, immigrant grandmother (also a single mother), from the bad side of town, looking like you do…

But sure. Being held to task for your actions is the biggest obstacle ever. Clearly.

Biden had something to say himself. His email had the subject “Julian Castro got it wrong.”

Team —

Last night’s debate was full of great moments. But one moment that left us stunned was when Secretary Castro took a cheap shot at Joe. Not only was it a low blow, but Secretary Castro got the facts wrong!

[IMAGE OF QUOTE SAYING “Castro Attacks Biden’s Memory, But He Was One Who Was Wrong” –New York Magazine REMOVED]

People need help now. They need hope now. The Democratic Primary should be decided on who can deliver for the American people, not who can throw the lowest blows (we already have a President who does that).

That’s why we’re so proud to be on Team Joe, because Joe Biden knows how to get big ideas done.

Are you with us? Sign your name right away if you’re on Team Joe »


Joe Biden’s health care plan will give every American access to affordable health care by building and expanding on Obamacare.

Look, Joe passed Obamacare the first time. That’s why we trust him to get the job done now.

So listen, if you’re with him, sign your name to say you’re on Team Joe:

Team Joe

Castro retweeted someone scolding Biden for not being able to take a little heat from Castro and therefore not being suitable to stand against Trump.

But can we be real for a moment? Castro can’t take any heat either. He starts whining immediately. This childish pettiness between these men is not indicative of a strong standing against the biggest bully in the country.

Of course, after being called out for being aggressive and “mean,” Castro regrouped and retreated to his usual stronghold: Humbly asking. (That was the subject of his next email.)

This has been one of the most humbling 24 hours of my life.

After I left everything out on the debate stage last night…

After I told you I officially surpassed Trump in a Texas poll…

After generous donors agreed to match gifts to help me capitalize on this historic moment…

Your support has skyrocketed — I’m in awe.

If just 2 more supporters from YOUR ZIP CODE chip in before midnight, you’ll help me surge past my post-debate goal and prove we’re in this for the long haul. Your $5 in this critical moment would mean so much to me. (It’ll be matched until midnight!) >>

For a candidate who grew up in a poor neighborhood…

For a kid who was raised by a single mother…

For someone whose grandmother worked day and night cleaning houses…

I’m so incredibly humbled that my message has resonated with you — I hope you know how hard I’m fighting to make you proud.

Can I count on your $5 before tonight’s generous match expires?

Julian Castro

So, again: biggest obstacle ever is his skyrocketing support.

Uh-huh. I buy that.

Post-debate, let’s get some swag!

Kamala Harris was all about the money, honey. Her 5 emails all had donation asks. This was apparently the best fundraising day in September for her campaign (and remember earlier in September, when she was sad that it was a slump after the bad summer? Best day in September isn’t saying much…). She focused on how strong and powerful she was against Trump (who wasn’t even watching live, because he had a rally of his own to attend). Included in her emails were a GIF and a joke that fell flat on the stage and even flatter in the written word.

You’re going down, Trump!

Here’s the truth,

Democrats need a candidate who can prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump in the White House. Last night, Kamala demonstrated she is that candidate by challenging this failed president.

Kamala told Trump that the American people are better than the fear, intimidation, hate, and lies he uses to distract us from his broken policies and disastrous agenda.

She called out Trump’s job-killing trade policy, saying it was motivated by his “fragile ego” and the president reminds her of the Wizard of Oz — a guy who talks a big game but “when you pull back the curtain, it’s just a little dude.”

Team Kamala

Even the moderator didn’t laugh. Neither did I.

In contrast, Pete Buttigieg repeated his email from the previous night rehashing his closing statement. It sounds sort of bad phrased that way, but when you remember how strong his closing statement was, it was probably very wise. People who signed up after the debate and the email rehashing his statement got a fresh reminder of it, and people who already like him got to read his words again.

Last night at the presidential primary debate in Houston, I told you who I am and what I believe.

And if I made you proud, please make a donation to our campaign.

Trust is what this election is about. It’s about people trusting us with their lives. It’s not about the current president, even though it’s hard to talk about anything else some days. It’s not about the candidates running. You — it’s about you.

It’s about the kid wondering if we’re actually going to make their school safe when they’ve learned active shooter drills before they’ve learned to read. The generation counting on us to actually get the job done on climate change. The mom working three jobs because her pay isn’t keeping up with her family’s soaring health care costs.

We need a president bold enough to meet our challenges and big enough to bring people together to get it done. I will be that president, but I need your help.

Pete Buttigieg

Of course, there’s more than just words. It was important that people got their names out there, and what better way than by advertising their merch?

Elizabeth Warren repeated her Two-Cent sticker for a donation.

No Elizabeth name for my niece. 😦

Andrew Yang launched some new merch I actually didn’t cringe at.

I think this is his first mug.

And Steve Bullock tried to jump on the bandwagon with a free Bullock sticker.

Nothing new here.
John Delaney has the smallest email-to-length-of-campaign ratio. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

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