Day 109: 9/6/19

Unusual calm on Friday meant that Bernie Sanders had the most emails for once. Julian Castro sent me an email that felt half-finished, and Elizabeth Warren dug old content out of the recycling bin.

A quiet Friday

Bernie Sanders pulled ahead of the pack, sending 3 non-donor emails on Friday while Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, and Tim Ryan all restrained themselves to just 2 each. Fridays aren’t usually slow days, which made the low numbers unusual.

Lack of variety in asks was unusual

What wasn’t unusual was the high concentration of donation requests. The end of September marks the end of an FEC quarter, and the campaigns are already starting to sound the alarm. FEC deadlines are important.

There is one unusual ask missing from the above chart, however. Julian Castro wrote a panicked email about Dan McCready’s special election in North Carolina.

BREAKING: Trump panics as Republicans could lose a district he won by 11 points

Here’s the latest on next week’s Special Election in ruby red North Carolina:

– Our Democrat, Dan McCready, is within a single point
– Trump just panicked — and flew down to North Carolina to rally support for his Republican
– If we win, it won’t just send SHOCKWAVES through the political system… it’ll set the stage for Trump’s defeat in 2020!

We can’t miss this chance to hand Trump such a big loss next week. We need 1,000 grassroots supporters to step up and help Democrats pull off this victory.

Will you rush in $8?

Team Julian

That first line is actually in much bigger font than the rest.

Do you know what’s missing from the above email?

A line saying “will you SPLIT A DONATION.”

If you clicked on the donation links in the email (which I reluctantly did), it does take you to an ActBlue page offering to split the donation between Castro and McCready. However, Castro’s email (replicated in full above, except for the “thank you and the donation buttons” never actually said a donation will be split. It doesn’t really give all that much information about this special election anyway. This is the only time Castro emailed me, and it’s written as if I’m expected to know what’s going on in a special election in North Carolina. What is this seat for? What’s good about McCready? Why should I donate to Castro to help him?

I mean, yeah, okay, it’s a Friday, but whoever wrote this was phoning it in pretty hard.

Debates and Fundraising back on top.

Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand, was kicking off a new contest. An old contest? A repeat contest. Her “Grab a beer” contest was apparently so popular and successful (despite my never hearing who won or how it went), that she’s going to do it again! Chip in any amount and win a chance to grab a beer or coffee or tea or other beverage of your choice with Warren (and probably Bailey, her dog).

While Warren was repeating old contests, Andrew Yang was repeating old complaints.

Something doesn’t look right here…

NBC News apparently forgot how to count. Again.

I genuinely cannot understand why Yang is being discriminated against like this. Especially like this: he’s on the dang stage! You admit there are ten candidates on the stage! Name them!

I also don’t understand the order of the candidates on that screenshot. I thought it was alphabetical at first, but no, Castro and O’Rourke should be flipped if it were alphabetical.

It’s getting past the point of ridiculousness. I can understand networks not wanting to give as much coverage to smaller, “fringe” candidates, which Yang admittedly was at the start of his campaign. But at this point, he’s hit the top ten by the DNC’s standards, and not only has he hit the top ten, he’s cleared the hurdles before others up on that screenshot. There is absolutely no reason why Yang shouldn’t be talked about in the same breath as the other nine who actually got their names on that ad. Is there any news network providing fair coverage?

Pete Buttigieg is also talking about TV, though for him, its his first TV ad of the cycle, launched in Iowa. Other candidates have been launching tv ads for weeks or months by this point, but they’ve mostly kept me informed when they launch their very first. This is one aspect of the political playbook that Buttigieg seems to be following.

Tim Ryan tried to make an argument that I should donate because he’s a once-in-a-lifetime candidate. I like Ryan. I do. I don’t think he’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of guy. He’s also young still. He has time to keep trying.

Michael Bennet launched his education policy, and he pointed out that The Economist ran an article saying that while Elizabeth Warren’s plans get noticed, Michael Bennet’s plans are better. I’m still angry at him for blaming the DNC for the voters not liking him. The man’s a Senator in a purple state, as he has continually pointed out to me. If America’s not wanting him to be President, maybe he should focus on how he can best serve the country as a Democratic Senator. We really can’t afford to lose a blue seat in a purple state. If Bennet somehow became President, we would. President is the flashy job, but we need the Senate.

Personally, I think every Senator running for President should have a plan for how their seat will remain blue if they get the job.

Cory Booker announced that his campaign is entering a new phase. So did Pete Buttigieg. Both of them are acknowledging that there’s a ramp-up now, but Buttigieg seems prepared for it while Booker seems like he’s just winging it. Compare:

We’re entering a new phase of this race, team.

Twenty candidates participated in the last DNC debate. During this next debate, we’re only going to see ten and Cory’s one of them. He’s proven that he belongs on that stage and it’s in part due to people like you that he’ll be there.

But, I gotta level with you, this race is changing and it’s sink or swim time. As the field narrows, we need the resources to take this campaign to the next level. We need everyone on this team to rise to the occasion.

Addisu Demissie, Campaign Manager, Cory 2020

Phase Three of this campaign is all about entering overdrive mode. In every way. On the ground with organizers, online with emails and tweets, and on the air with ads like this one — all of it will keep Pete’s momentum going and help us win in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

Pete for America

Buttigieg even named the phase. It’s not, you know, creative, but it’s still an acknowledgment of a plan. Booker’s phases seem to depend on the debates. Last time his campaign changed phase was when the first debate happened. Now it’s when all of the candidates qualified for the debates are on stage at the same time. They’re both positive about moving forward, but one just sounds more structured.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has decided to push a new debt cancellation policy. Cancel all past-due medical debt.

I really… don’t know. On the one hand, yes, crushing medical debt is bad. But on the other hand… doesn’t this money go toward doctors and hospitals and, you know, establishments that keep us alive? With every new “make stuff free” plan that Democrats put forward, I do have to wonder who’s actually paying for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly let my taxes go up if it means I no longer have to try to understand what is and isn’t covered on my health insurance and never have to pay another medical bill in my life… but cancelling $81 billion in debt isn’t just a simple matter of raising everyone’s taxes.

I like to dream big, absolutely. But I also want to know the realistic path to achieving those dreams.

Especially if every great Senator we have is running for President.

We’re closing in on 5,000 emails. FIVE THOUSAND!!!

3 thoughts on “Day 109: 9/6/19

  1. The Andrew Yang email is based on a doctored image… see the tweet by NBC producer Michael Hopper. I think the hard done by storyline has become lucrative for the yanggang.


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