Day 101: 8/29/19

With Thursday came some interesting emails: Pete Buttigieg bucked the “end of month fundraising” trend completely, Andrew Yang had proof the media was ignoring him, and Joe Biden came up with a new excuse for why he needed money.

I think it’s time to acknowledge that Tim Ryan has been dethroned.

Once again, Kamala Harris sent 4 emails asking for donations, with Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, and Beto O’Rourke only sending 3 apiece. Tim Ryan, the former Talky Tim, hasn’t cracked first or second spot in quite some time now.

And the donations are still overwhelming.

End-of-month fundraising was absolutely the biggest push in emails for everyone except Joe Sestak, Tom Steyer, Steve Bullock, and Pete Buttigieg. These four managed to not ask for any money.

Instead of telling me about his weekly agenda, Joe Sestak actually put forth a policy on education and “training for a lifetime.” He laid out many bullet points about his priorities for this plan, and directed me to his website for the full paper.

Tom Steyer was disappointed he hadn’t made it to the September debate but said the only thing this changed was his timeline. He still had his climate change town hall coming up.

Steve Bullock was getting sued by the lawyers working for Citizens’ United and just wanted me to sign a petition saying I was with him.

And Pete Buttigieg wanted to tell me a story about the teacher that inspired him to always believe in himself and ask who helped me believe in myself. As a back-to-school special note, he wanted to take a moment to thank his teacher and encourage me to share good stories about mine.

There’s really nothing new to say when everyone is only talking about the same thing.

Just as Buttigieg’s email was a far cry from the other emails out there, Andrew Yang had something different to say too. His wasn’t quite as positive as Buttigieg’s, and it did come with an ask for money.

Not shown: Andrew Yang: 3%

This picture, taken from a hotel room TV, shows what Yang has been arguing for his entire run: there’s something fishy going on with how he’s being treated by the media. In this exact poll (and yes, I looked it up and checked the numbers myself), 3% of the recipients chose Yang as their top choice. Despite having more than Beto O’Rourke, Yang was left off the graphic.

It should go without saying that most people don’t follow the election all that closely. If this is all they see, it says O’Rourke is better liked than Yang. That’s not what the polls are saying.

I’ll admit I’ve never been a politician before, but the treatment of our rising national poll results has been odd and confusing. That said, this tells me one thing — it’s important for us to send a message before the September debate that our movement is real and growing. And, most importantly, cannot be ignored.

Andrew Yang

It’s one thing to have a campaign that’s legitimately struggling and not getting attention, but Yang’s campaign has been climbing and it’s not being treated fairly. If Yang has earned the poll numbers, he deserves to have them shown. I don’t know what CNN’s reasoning was for leaving him out of this graphic or this story, but it definitely makes me more suspicious of CNN’s reporting.

Now that the September deadline has passed, the donor numbers are much more variable now.

Joe Biden is still in need of money, but he seems to have taken a hint. He didn’t run out of ad money! This time, he’s short on money for staffing.

At least it’s a change, right?

Hey Kurt,

I just wanted to circle back on a conversation we had yesterday. We need to hire more organizers in the Upstate.

If we don’t get more organizers out on the ground by next month, we’re going to fall behind on talking to voters, and we might not be able to catch up before election day.

If we’re going to win South Carolina, we need to prioritize this region — can you reach out to your team and see if they can help us raise the budget to hire more organizers?



Kurt Bagley, Organizing Director, Team Joe

The above email was included at the end of a plea for money to show that he’s just passing on the push for money from higher up, so I shouldn’t get mad at him, I should just donate. I totally, absolutely (do not) believe that this is the exact email that came from one campaign staffer to another.

Biden also included an email to remind me that EVERYONE had emailed me asking for money, and then showing a list of the two people who had asked me once each: Joe and his campaign manager.

Two emails does not a deluge make.

Two emails is not even an overwhelming amount to come from Biden. Now, if I had gotten two emails from Wayne Messam, I might be alarmed…

Short post today because I’m working on some new tracking categories…

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