Farewell Kirsten Gillibrand

At 7:47 PM ET, on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York Senator, officially announced the end of her campaign.

In 100 days of tracking, Kirsten sent 179 emails. 151 of them came to my non-donor account, and only 27 arrived to my donor account. I’m fairly certain she actually removed me from her email list: after I sent her an email suggesting she look at this blog from my donor account, I no longer received donor emails.

Mid-week was her favorite time of week.

Kirsten sent most of her emails in the middle of the day during the middle of the week, though she did have a second wind on Sundays.

A good spread.

While Kirsten only asked for donations in about 2/3 of her emails, she did ask for a lot of survey responses.

Of course, her surveys were frequently “Do you want to see Kirsten on the debate stage? Yes/No”

She got desperate by the end

Kirsten was a very pink candidate. Her logo was a bright, rich pink with a black background, and her motto was “Brave Wins.” Her first act as President was going to be to Clorox the Oval Office.

Kirsten ran on a very woman-centric platform, which may have cost her dearly. While women do want equal treatment and equal rights, we pretty much agree we want a liveable planet just a tiny bit more. And despite campaigning on women’s rights, she failed to bring the issue to the forefront of the debate stage the two times she was on it. Nevertheless, she continued to travel the country (mostly to Iowa and battleground states like Michigan and Pennsylvania) to spread the message of her campaign to the masses and not really get very far.

Despite her pleas and begging by the end (remember when she offered a free t-shirt if you made your very first $1 donation? Good times, good times), Kirsten did have some good moments. Some might say it was cute how she involved her sons in occasional asks for money. Personally, I liked her explanation of white privilege myself.

Kirsten on average asked for a $10 donation. She called me “Friend” most frequently, and her tone was usually neutral. She scored high on pride merch, but that was the best her campaign ever did.

Kirsten, I’m sorry you had such a failure to launch, but I’m glad you were able to realize that trying to run any further was simply a vanity project. Best of luck with your Senate seat. You’ll be incredibly valuable there.

The whole Discord helped, but the credit still goes to that one guy.

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